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Executive Leadership

How to Engage your Board in Fundraising (Article)
Today’s post is cross-posted from Mena Gainpaulsingh, CEO of Purposeful Fundraising, a fundraising consultancy which works with organizations to increase their fundraising capacity, connect deeply with... (posted March 9, 2017)

How to Realize Every Objective in Your Strategic Plan by Avoiding Assponsibility! (Article)
Today’s post is cross-posted from Procope Consulting, a local organization which provides business advisory services to not-for-profit organizations. We are very grateful for their contribution. Please... (posted February 2, 2017)

Strategic Planning Framework (Article)
All organizations should have a strategy in place for how they will achieve their mission. Your plan should articulate specific goals and describe the action steps and resources needed to accomplish them.... (posted September 20, 2016)