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Inspiring Action While in Conflict (Article)
Today’s post is cross-posted from Edwin Greenfield, Mediation Specialist with the March of Dimes. We are very grateful for his contribution. Please visit the March of Dimes website to learn more about... (posted March 16, 2017)

How to use a pivot table to create vlookup values in Excel (Article)
  Pivot tables are a great tool for drilling down into data to find relationships you may never have realized were there. Another thing pivot tables can do is help you clean up a data set for easier... (posted March 8, 2017)

Managing your financial records - No shoeboxes allowed! (Article)
Do you keep your receipts in a shoebox? Managing your financial records is a bit like a trip to the dentist… few people enjoy it, but it is really important, especially around tax time or if you get... (posted February 17, 2017)

Data is your Friend! (Article)
For many people, Excel can feel like a foreign land. Some people in your office may be able to speak the language, but you’re still labouring over a calculator and making decisions based on gut instinct.... (posted January 30, 2017)

Do your projects run away from you? We can help! (Article)
Effective project management is a lot harder than it looks. It is also extremely important. Do you want to learn how to deliver 30% of your projects under budget? How about a 21% increase in productivity... (posted August 30, 2016)

Turning Data into Information – How to use Excel to make decisions (Article)
Jim Barksdale, former Netscape CEO, once quipped, “If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.” More and more managers and funders are demanding data... (posted June 8, 2016)