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Recognizing Volunteers

Voscars17The 2017 VOscars

The VOscars is a highlight of the year for the city’s volunteers and non-profits. The event celebrates Ottawa’s vibrant volunteer community and gives special recognition to those individuals, organizations and businesses that have made a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

The 2017 VOscars was held on April 26 at Ottawa City Hall. This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient was Dave Smith. The VOscars was hosted by well known Ottawa media personality Carol Anne Meehan and honoured 22 outstanding people and organizations in our city.

To view photos from the 2017 VOscars click here

Award Categories, Criteria and 2017 Nominees

This year’s VOscars Awards include:

  • Mayor’s Award for Volunteer Spirit - And, the nominees were : Besu Asfaw, Amanda Bernardo and Catherine Casserly
  • Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award - And, the nominees were : Celeste Blanchard, Lillian Kruzsely and Divya Massilamani
  • Outstanding Senior Volunteer Award - And, the nominees were: Jane Beaumont, Cathy Collett and Richard Lussier
  • Professional Leadership Award - And, the nominees were : Patrick Morel-à-L'Huissier and Paul Murray
  • Leadership in Corporate Volunteerism - And, the nominees were : EDC and INTAC
  • Leadership in Collaborative Volunteerism - And, the nominees were : Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre and Refugee 613
  • Leadership in Volunteer Diversity - And, the nominees were: Aleksander Golijanin, Tannaz Sanei and World Skills Employment 
  • Outstanding Volunteer Program Award - And, the nominees were : Bluesfest, Ottawa Network for Education and Ottawa Victims Services (OVS)

Lifetime Achievement Award

dave smithThe 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Dr. David Smith for his dedication to volunteerism and the non-profit  organizations who serve our community.

Dave has a unique gift for gathering and inspiring like-minded people around issues or causes that can improve the lives of others. Over several decades he has raised over $150 million for the local, national and international causes that he represents. One of Dave Smith’s proudest achievements is the establishment in the early 1990s of Ottawa’s first addiction treatment centre dedicated to helping young people – the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre. He subsequently secured funding to open an additional three affiliated residential treatment centres in Carleton Place and Carp. Other projects that have benefited from Dave’s volunteer spirit and entrepreneurism include: the Davis Inlet project, Serenity Renewal for Families, Reach Canada, the Ottawa Technical Learning Centre, Watercan, Adeste, The Door, the Military Families Fund, SONG and Buy-a Net. 

Mayor's Award for Volunteer Spirit

This Award is given to an individual or group of individuals that best exemplifies the spirit of volunteering in Ottawa. The 2017 Mayor's Award for Volunteer Spirit was presented to Catherine Casserly.

Youth Volunteer Award

Nominees in this category are young people in the community who have made a significant contribution through their volunteer efforts. The 2017 Youth Volunteer Award was presented to Divya Massilamani.

Senior Volunteer Award 

This Award is given to a senior citizen who has made a meaningful impact in the community through their volunteer efforts. The 2017 Senior Volunteer Award was presented to Cathy Collette

Professional Leadership Award 

Nominees in this category have dedicated their professional skills in providing leadership, supporting volunteerism and giving back to the community. The 2017 Professional Leadership Award was presented to Paul Murray

Leadership in Corporate Volunteerism

Nominees in this category are corporations and businesses that demonstrate social responsibility practices by supporting volunteering among its employees. The 2017 Leadership in Corporate Volunteerism Award was presented to Export Development Canada.

Leadership in Collaborative Volunteerism

This Award is given to a business or organization that dedicates its volunteer efforts to bringing people and/or organizations together in the interests of volunteerism. The 2017 Leadership in Collaborative Volunteerism Award was presented to Refugee 613.

Leadership in Volunteer Diversity 

Nominees in this category include individuals or organizations who have successfully promoted diversity in volunteering.The 2017 Leadership in Volunteer Diversity Award was presented to World Skills Employment

Outstanding Volunteer Program Award 

This Award is given to a non-profit organization in the Ottawa region that has built a successful, thriving volunteer program based on effective volunteer management principles and practices. The 2017 Outstanding Volunteer Program Award was presented to the Ottawa Network for Education