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Connected_CAnadians_jpg.pngConnected Canadians is a new not-for-profit organization empowering seniors and older adults by providing free technology training and support, founded by Emily Jones Joanisse and Tasneem Damen, two women in technology.

Connected Canadians is entirely volunteer run, and has approximately 30 volunteers between the ages of 21 and 71. Volunteers help not only with tech training for seniors, but also with the related administration work and telling our story through photos and videos and on social media. Additionally, many Connected Canadians volunteers are new Canadians who are highly skilled technology workers, and among them they speak 12 languages.

Their volunteers benefit from the cultural awareness and conversational practice opportunities that come from their interaction with clients, and their clients are able to feel a sense of pride and connection in helping to welcome newcomers into the community.

2019. Connected Canadians