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2019. Lumentum logoLumentum’s dedication towards making a positive impact on communities globally is deeply ingrained as one of Lumentum’s Eight Guiding Principles, Guiding Principle #7 “Positively Impact Communities (PIC)”. The goal of the program is to identify fun and local volunteer opportunities for employees and teams to engage with.

Lumentum supports, promotes and embraces its Employee Volunteer Program (EVP). This program aims to enrich employees with meaningful experiences by helping those in need, while being a proud and positive example of a Lumentum community leader. This program allows all participating employees up to eight paid hours each calendar year to volunteer with an organization of their choice.

Each month, Lumentum sponsors a “Lumentum Lounge.” This monthly event is hosted in our main cafeteria and is open to all employees. Beverage and snacks are sponsored by Lumentum to help promote and support volunteering amongst its employees. Each event is designated to support a different volunteering/fundraising campaign to help fundraise and promote volunteering initiatives.

 2019. Lumentum