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Refugee 613 is a coalition of citizens, settlement agencies, sponsorship groups and community partners working to provide refugees with the building blocks of successful integration: a warm welcome and access to key services, opportunities and support. As a non-partisan, grassroots effort, we aim to build on Ottawa's settlement services by providing our partners and the public with information, connection and inspiration. Our small, dynamic team leverages the talents and time of our many partner organizations to spark collaboration, remove barriers and build engagement with refugees in our community. We often say we don’t provide frontline services, we support the people and organizations who do. This includes providing direct support and encouragement to the growing community of volunteers sponsoring refugees for resettlement and assisting refugees in other ways to integrate into the community. We couldn’t do any of it without a corps of dedicated volunteers who assist with our internal operations, everything from answering public enquiries, chairing or participating in task forces and operating our social media channels to providing interpretation services and communications advice.