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Find a good cause and go for it! Whether it’s your first time volunteering or you are a seasoned veteran, we've got you covered. What type of non-profit organization do you want to volunteer for? What kind of volunteering do you want to do? Who do you want to help? You can search below for these and other preferences. If you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for, start a wide search then narrow it down.

Volunteer Opportunities

Organization: The Arthritis Society
The Arthritis Society is looking for volunteers to support the All-in for Arthritis Poker Night on Thursday, March 28, 2019. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. Volunteers should enjoy interacting with attendees and have a sharp attention for details.
Location: 11 Aviation Parkway, Ottawa ON
Deadline: Mar 24, 2019

CPAWS Ottawa Valley (CPAWS-OV) is a small not for profit organization based in Gatineau with a mandate to protect nature in the broader Ottawa River watershed region of both Quebec and Ontario. We work to establish new parks and other types of protected areas, ensure existing parks, like Gatineau Park or Algonquin Park, are well managed while also looking to protect and restore connections which exist across the landscape that allow for the movement of species. We also firmly believe in connecting Canadians, in particular, youth to nature through education programs.

We are seeking a volunteer to help us update our communications plan (developed in 2016) with a view to help us engage more people and to raise awareness of conservation issues in the region. We currently have no staff dedicated exclusively to communications and we feel it is unlikely that we would fill this void in the next year. We would like to learn how other small organizations manage their communications and identify best practices which may be applicable to CPAWS-OV. The ideal volunteer should have some experience in the field of communications or marketing, media or journalism or a keen interest in social media and engagement. We expect this opportunity to represent a commitment of less than 6 months. While the current opportunity relates to an update of the current communications strategy, we would welcome a volunteer with an interest in helping to implement the strategy in the longer term.
Location: 15 Taschereau Suite 240
Deadline: Apr 21, 2019
Who does not love a manicure? That feeling of being pampered and afterwards, the confidence boost of having well-groomed hands. Every week our amateur manicurists give our residents this type of spa treatment. The residents enjoy it and so do the manicurists. Training is provided.
Location: 55 Lodge Road, Ottawa, ON K2C 3H1
(Carleton Lodge is located on the Rideau River near the point where Prince of Wales Drive meets Woodroffe Avenue. It is ideally situated for residents of Manotick, Barrhaven and Nepean South. The Lodge has ample parking. The nearest bus stop is a short walk away.)
Deadline: Jun 15, 2019
The Lodge has a Hair Salon, a busy place that’s open from 9 am until 4 pm Monday to Friday. Each day, volunteers assist the Hairdresser in providing timely, professional hair care to residents and help make the experience a positive one for residents.
Volunteers help by escorting residents to the salon as per the schedule of appointments, putting protective clothing on residents, towel drying and combing hair, removing rollers, and escorting residents back to their rooms. The volunteers also help keep the salon clean and orderly by sweeping the floors, cleaning rollers, maintaining supplies and performing other tasks.
Location: 55 Lodge Road, Ottawa, ON K2C 3H1
(Carleton Lodge is located on the Rideau River near the point where Prince of Wales Drive meets Woodroffe Avenue. It is ideally situated for residents of Manotick, Barrhaven and Nepean South. The Lodge has ample parking. The nearest bus stop is a short walk away.)
Deadline: Jun 15, 2019
Many hands are required at mealtime and our Mealtime Helpers help things run smoothly. They help residents make their way to and from the dining room. They help those who want to don protective clothing. They pour water, tea and coffee. They remove dishes and help clean up after the meals. Meals are served at 8:30 am, 12:30 pm and 5:30 pm. Mealtime Helpers arrive 1/2 hour before the start of the meal and spend 1 ½ hours.
Location: 55 Lodge Road, Ottawa, ON K2C 3H1
Carleton Lodge is located on the Rideau River near the point where Prince of Wales Drive meets Woodroffe Avenue. It is ideally situated for residents of Manotick, Barrhaven and Nepean South. The Lodge has ample parking. The nearest bus stop is a short walk away.)
Deadline: Jun 15, 2019
Do you play the piano? Guitar? Another musical instrument? Do you enjoy singing? Carleton Lodge is looking for talented people who want to share their love of music with our residents. Various times and settings are available: playing soft background music before or during mealtime, entertaining large groups, accompanying at sing-alongs, playing at church services. Music enriches the lives of our residents and gives great satisfaction to our volunteer musicians.
Location: 55 Lodge Road, Ottawa, ON K2C 3H1
(Carleton Lodge is located on the Rideau River near the point where Prince of Wales Drive meets Woodroffe Avenue. It is ideally situated for residents of Manotick, Barrhaven and Nepean South. The Lodge has ample parking. The nearest bus stop is a short walk away.)
Deadline: Jun 15, 2019
The Lodge has lovely gardens that are used by residents and their families and for recreation activities. The gardens are tended by volunteers and we are looking for more volunteers to join this team. The work would involve deadheading spent blooms, doing some weeding and generally keeping the garden tidy and the plants healthy. Many residents were avid gardeners and they would so enjoy chatting with you, sharing stories and offering tips.
Location: 55 Lodge Road, Ottawa, ON K2C 3H1
(Carleton Lodge is located on the Rideau River near the point where Prince of Wales Drive meets Woodroffe Avenue. It is ideally situated for residents of Manotick, Barrhaven and Nepean South. The Lodge has ample parking. The nearest bus stop is a short walk away.)
Deadline: Jun 15, 2019
We welcome High School students who want to volunteer at our Home. Students work in a variety of areas, helping in the gardens, serving in the Tuck shop, assisting in the dining rooms, helping out at recreation activities. Residents enjoy meeting and chatting with young people. Staff and experienced volunteers are always close-by to provide guidance. (Note: Volunteers must be at least 14 years old)
Location: 55 Lodge Road, Ottawa, ON K2C 3H1
(Carleton Lodge is located on the Rideau River near the point where Prince of Wales Drive meets Woodroffe Avenue. It is ideally situated for residents of Manotick, Barrhaven and Nepean South. The Lodge has ample parking. The nearest bus stop is a short walk away.)
Deadline: Jun 15, 2019
Dining should be a pleasurable activity. When some of our residents experience difficulty at meal time our Feeding Assistants lend a hand. In a gentle and respectful manner, they provide one-on-one support and help ensure that the residents  nutritional needs are met. By their friendly presence they also make the meal restful and enjoyable. Feeding Assistants arrive when the meals are being served (8:30 am, 12:30 pm and 5:30 pm) and spend about one hour. Training is provided.
Location: 55 Lodge Road, Ottawa, ON K2C 3H1
(Carleton Lodge is located on the Rideau River near the point where Prince of Wales Drive meets Woodroffe Avenue. It is ideally situated for residents of Manotick, Barrhaven and Nepean South. The Lodge has ample parking. The nearest bus stop is a short walk away.)
Deadline: Jun 15, 2019
Many residents would love to have a special friend to spend time with. Perhaps to go for a walk, play a game of scrabble, or just sit and chat over a cup of tea. So many of our residents have led rich and interesting lives and would love to share their memories with a friend. Friendly visitors are especially important for residents with no families or whose loved ones live far away.
Location: 55 Lodge Road, Ottawa, ON K2C 3H1
(Carleton Lodge is located on the Rideau River near the point where Prince of Wales Drive meets Woodroffe Avenue. It is ideally situated for residents of Manotick, Barrhaven and Nepean South. The Lodge has ample parking. The nearest bus stop is a short walk away.)
Deadline: Jun 15, 2019
Recreational activities are many and for each, a number of dedicated volunteers are needed to remind residents of the activity, encourage participation and help residents get to the venue. If the event is one where refreshments are served, volunteers help serve and then collect dishes afterwards. At the end, the volunteers help residents return to their rooms. Recreation Assistants find this is a great way to get to know residents, staff and other volunteers in a fun setting.
Location: 55 Lodge Road, Ottawa, ON K2C 3H1
(Carleton Lodge is located on the Rideau River near the point where Prince of Wales Drive meets Woodroffe Avenue. It is ideally situated for residents of Manotick, Barrhaven and Nepean South. The Lodge has ample parking. The nearest bus stop is a short walk away.)
Deadline: Jun 15, 2019
We are a not-for-profit organization working to promote the health of cancer patients, caregivers and survivors by engaging in a range of activities including research and education, to support cancer patients, caregivers and survivors on their journey. We are in need of an Elections Assistant Volunteer to provide support in the upcoming elections in Alberta. The ideal candidate will have strong research skills, outstanding communication skills and excellent computer skills.

• Engage in research to obtain the names and contact information of all candidates in the upcoming election.
• Draft and send out emails and letters to election candidates.
• Contact election candidates over the telephone to follow up.
• Update team members on milestones.
• Create and update records of election candidates using excel.
• Help enter information in CCSN’s website in the Alberta election section.
• Perform any other duties as assigned.

• Highly organized
• Strong computer skills especially with MS Office Suite
• Strong research skills
• Great interviewing skills
• Good interpersonal skills
• Adaptable
• Fast learner
• Able to work alone with minimal supervision
• Strong teamwork skills.

• A diploma or degree in Political Science, Journalism, Mass Communication or Law.
• Previous elections experience.
Location: 1750 Courtwood Crescent, Suite 210, Ottawa, ON K2C 2B5
Deadline: Apr 1, 2019
Organization: Ottawa Tool Library
The Ottawa Tool Library (OTL) is a non-profit tool lending library in Ottawa located at Makerspace North in City Centre. We offer four categories of tools: hand tools, power tools, lawn and garden tools, and kitchen tools. Additionally, we will soon offer a supervised and fully-equipped WorkSpace where members who have completed mandatory safety training can rent bench time to work on projects. We are entirely volunteer-driven, and are always looking for community-minded individuals to lend their talents, time, and energy to the cause.

Tool Ninjas (time commitment 4-8 hours a month) are needed to be on hand when our Library and WorkSpace are open. In the Library, our Tool Ninjas advise members in choosing the right tools for the job, as well as in their proper and safe use. In the WorkSpace, they supervise all bench activity, highlighting safety, WorkSpace etiquette, and proper tool use, as well as providing tips and techniques to the members.

Successful Tool Ninjas will have the following qualifications:

* Be friendly, outgoing, and comfortable in engaging with our enthusiastic members;
* Be open and accepting of cultural and individual diversity, in both our membership and our volunteers.
* Be comfortable in advising members on their projects – tools, materials, and techniques – and in admitting lack of knowledge if necessary.

Ninja / WorkSpace monitors will have these additional qualifications:

* A strong understanding of and ability to enforce WorkSpace safety;
* Ability to demonstrate the proper and safe use of all WorkSpace tools;
* Ability to concurrently supervise multiple benches;

If you'd like to contribute your time and expertise to the fastest growing constructive community in Ottawa, please let us know!
Location: 250 City Centre, Bay #216, Ottawa, ON K1R 1C7
Deadline: Jun 18, 2019
Organization: Ottawa Tool Library
The OTL is looking to grow our team of talented staff at the library who manage our front desk during our hours of operation (Mon, Wed and Sat). This includes our Librarians who manage interactions with members and the public, such as loans, renewals, open/close, resolve concerns and promote the library. Tool Ninjas are needed to be on hand when the library is open to assist members with choosing the right tool(s) for their project and advising on proper tool use for the safety of our members and longevity of our tools. If you'd like to join our library staff, please let us know!
Location: 250 City Centre, Bay #216, Ottawa, ON K1R 1C7
Deadline: Jun 18, 2019
Volunteers will help to set up dining room for meals and/or assist in feeding residents. Encourage conversation and offer companionship to long-term care residents during meal time.Please apply online at www.perleyrideau.ca/volunteers
Location: 1750 Russell Road, Ottawa, ON
Deadline: Jun 17, 2019
Provide companionship to elderly residents in assisted living and long-term care through one-to-one visits. Volunteers should be comfortable working with seniors with a variety of needs, including dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. Please apply online at www.perleyrideau.ca/volunteers
Location: 1750 Russell Rd., Ottawa, ON
Deadline: Jun 17, 2019
Volunteers help the barber with bringing seniors to and from scheduled appointments and offer companionship and general assistance in the shop. Must be able to walk long distances and push wheelchairs. Tuesday morning shift available. Please apply online at http://www.perleyrideau.ca./volunteers
Location: 1750 Russell Rd., Ottawa, ON
Deadline: Jun 17, 2019
Rise is currently recruiting for volunteer Small Business Mentors to support Rise entrepreneurs as they start and grow their businesses.

What do mentors do? Mentors help Rise lending clients by providing business advice, encouragement and support to help them remain focused on what is important for the success of their business.

What’s the commitment? 1 one-on-one mentoring session per month over 12 months with some in between support via phone or e-mail as needed.

What are the qualifications? Minimum 5 years of work experience either for a company or as an entrepreneur. The more common professional backgrounds of our volunteers are marketing, finance, sales/business development, operations, ecommerce, and product development. A strong desire to give back and great interpersonal skills are important too.
Apply Now! please complete our volunteer application and someone will get back to you:

Location: Greater Ottawa Area
Deadline: May 31, 2019
- Assist in unloading supplies
- Set up tables, chairs, traffic barricades, equipment
- Hang banners and decorations
Location: Tunney's Pasture
Evening of Friday May 10th 2019
Deadline: May 3, 2019
Must be proficient with computers and comfortable using them.
We are coming upon our busy season with Stroke Month in June, Big Bike in May/June and primarily schools participating in Jump Rope for Heart.
We will require several volunteers to help us with all the data entry require for these program. If you are comfortable using excel and are willing to learn to use our OneCRM program to input information we require your help!
This will be a contract position ending on July 1st (maybe extended depending on amount of work)
Location: 1525 Carling Ave Suite#110
Ottawa ON K1Z 8R9
Deadline: Mar 31, 2019
The Alive to Strive Kidney Fitness Project is a non-profit organization that is extremely committed into educating and displaying public awareness about the issues covering kidney disease and the preventions.

Many dialysis patients are living sedentary lives so Alive to Strive is a project to help encourage patients reach their customized fitness goals and help connect with different patients who can relate and who have the same experience. It is an amazing project to help encourage health and helping provide a supportive network.

On Sunday, April 28th, 2019 The Kidney Foundation is assisting an Alive to Strive event and we are looking for volunteers. The event will be taking place at Hogs Back Park, Hogs Back Road, Ottawa, ON, Canada. You must sign up on our website with the link that is provided below. All volunteers who decide to participate must present themselves inside the Terry Fox Athletic Facility to sign in for proof of attendance and is located on 2960 Riverside Drive. Volunteers should attend the event earlier around 7:30am so you have time to sign in and get organized. Event will start at 8:00am and can be until 1:00pm. The opportunities that we are offering are course marshals and this position is specifically for the Kidney Foundation volunteers. The tasks that are set for the event are simple and straight forward. The objective of the course marshal is to: make sure that the course is safe, directing the runners and taking care of the 5km and 10km turnaround. Make sure to dress appropriately according to the weather. Bring scarfs, mitts and hats, raincoat and an umbrella if it rains. Also you are welcome to bring different technologies or something that you can do during down time. Also this is a great opportunity for high school students who are still looking for community hours.
To sign up and volunteer for the Alive to Strive event you can click on the link and fill out the information that is required. After registration to the site below, please send an email to: Suzanne.Laniel@kidney.ca

Location: Hogs Back Park, Hogs Back Road, Ottawa, ON, Canada for event and 2960 Riverside Drive to sign in after singing up online
Deadline: Apr 22, 2019
Leadership Committee Volunteer - OTTAWA

One in ten Canadians are diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease and many others are at risk – The Kidney Foundation of Canada works to increase awareness and support those with CKD.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is a national volunteer based organization committed to reducing the burden of kidney disease through funding and stimulating innovative research; providing education and support; promoting access to quality healthcare; and increasing public awareness and commitment to advancing kidney health and organ donation.

We are looking for Leadership Committee Volunteers who will be responsible for assisting the Ottawa (Eastern Ontario Chapter) and its goals.

Essential Skills:
Exceptional commitment to the mission while understanding the purpose of the Foundation; takes initiative; ability to engage, motivate, and inspire people; demonstrates initiative and works collaboratively with team members; facilitation skills; financial related background or connection with Kidney Disease is an asset

Works collaboratively with Chapter and or Branch staff planning activities which align with the Foundation’s strategic plan and supporting Chapters’ development; assist with fundraising campaigns; participates in external activities representing the Foundation; meets regularly with Chapter and Committee Members; undertakes specific assignments; has experience on a Board or Committee

We require up to 1 year of your valuable time attending annual and general meetings as well as conference calls if required

Introduction and training will be provided by the Chapter Manager

Positions Available:

Chapters Recruiting Board Members:
Ottawa (Eastern Ontario Chapter)
1790 Courtwood Crescent
Ottawa, ON K2C 2B5

Do you have any questions or would like to get involved with
The Kidney Foundation?

Please send your cover letter and resume to:
Suzanne Laniel
Community & Volunteer Supervisor
Office Administrator
The Kidney Foundation of Canada
P: 1-800-724-9953 x 4552 Email: Suzanne.laniel@kidney.ca
Location: The Kidney Foundation of Canada
Eastern Ontario Chapter (Ottawa/Kingston)
1790 Courtwood Crescent
Ottawa, ON K2C 2B5
Deadline: Jun 14, 2019
Organization: Minto Skating Club
Minto Skating Club needs someone to take head-shots of our skaters for the display cabinets. If you have some experience taking these types of photos, please contact us. Majority of the skaters are children and youth.
Location: 2571 Lancaster Road, Ottawa
Deadline: Apr 8, 2019
We have a gorgeous 300 people theatre that has too few performances. We need someone who can attract musicians, dramatic artists, dancers and performers every kind to make our theatre one of Ottawa's exciting destinations.
Location: 397 Kent St
Deadline: Apr 12, 2019
We need to paint a few areas of our centre including our office, kitchen and our entrance.
Location: 397 Kent St.
Deadline: Apr 5, 2019
A successful applicant will be comfortable using Google docs and sheets. Ability to speak Mandarin Chinese is an asset but not a requirement.

This position includes, research, data entry, customer service, marketing and social media
Location: 397 Kent St, Ottawa
Deadline: Mar 29, 2019
SOG is currently seeking a Fundraising Coordinator

This volunteer position involves coordinating local fundraising from eco-friendly companies, associations and individuals to contribute to our Grassroots Local Funds as well as collaborating in the selection of grantors to whom SOG might apply successfully. Oversight of grant deadlines for applications and reports would be included in this position.
We hope you would stay in this role for at least a year or more to build a significant bank of regular local donors as well as to assess and advise the SOG Leadership Team about the Grant and Foundation scene in Ottawa, Ontario and Canada.

Please tell us about your experience and successes with fundraising for charities or Not-for-Profit Groups and your interest in and commitment to seniors, organic gardening and joy from nature. We will ask you for references, a Police Check plus a completed Application Form. Send an e-mail to: sog.margaret@gmail.com If you have questions please send an e-mail to receive a call back. We welcome your interest.

More information:
Volunteer Opportunity Fundraising Coordinator for
Senior Organic Gardeners
Program of Canadian Organic Gardeners-Ottawa St Lawrence Outaouais Chapter – COG OSO

The Ottawa – St. Lawrence – Outaouais chapter of Canadian Organic Growers (COG OSO) is a regional chapter of a national charity, whose mandate is to lead local and national communities towards sustainable organic stewardship of land, food and fibre while respecting nature, upholding social justice and protecting natural resources. www.cog.ca
We are a lively and enthusiastic group based in Ottawa, and we offer numerous events and programs year-round to support knowledge and skills for farmers, gardeners, educators, children, seniors, and anyone who is interested in eating healthy food and living in healthy environments. Details of our activity are available at our new website: www.cog.ca/ottawa. Nearly all of our activities are coordinated by volunteers. You will have opportunities to learn about fundraising skills for ccharities and not-for-profits as well as organic agriculture locally and on a broader scale.
Senior Organic Gardeners is a program of COG OSO helping seniors to garden in Ottawa Community Housing, Community Associations and in their own homes. www.cog.ca/ottawa/programs/senior-organic-gardeners/

Location: Home Office Address
Deadline: Apr 5, 2019
Volunteer Editor Needed for Monthly E-News -Down to Earth

Canadian Organic Growers- the local Ottawa St Lawrence Outaouais Chapter is searching for a volunteer editor for the e-newsletter, Down to Earth. www.cog.ca/ottawa/down-to-earth/

Down to Earth is our Quarterly E-Newsletter keeping everyone aware of local upcoming events in our chapter and other organic-related groups, our programs- Growing Up Organic in schools and Senior Organic Gardeners, COG OSO Steering Committee News, annual recognition of volunteers, Volunteer and Job opportunities within COG. There is scope for creative development of Down to Earth.

This is an excellent opportunity to use and develop your communication skills with a view to receiving a strong letter of reference for a minimum of one year’s service. Also you get to know and explore the community of organic growers and to become known by them as well.

Please visit our website to get to know us a bit: www.cog.ca/ottawa/
down-to-earth/ Note that COG is a national charity with HQ in Ottawa.

Please send a letter of interest telling us about your experience relevant to the role of Editor of Down to Earth to: cog.oso.chapter@cog.ca Welcome!
Location: Home address
Deadline: Apr 5, 2019
COG OSO needs a Coordinator of Volunteers
This volunteer coordinator position involves advertising new volunteer opportunities, selection, screening, orientation and assignment of new volunteers and doing annual Satisfaction Checks and Recognition of Volunteers at our Fall Reflections.
We hope you would stay with us in this role for at least a year hopefully longer to get to know the volunteers and to build a solid program of recruitment, orientation, placement and feedback.
Please send a letter telling us about your interest, experiences and education and let us know why you are interested in taking on this important role of Coordinator of Volunteers for COG OSO at: cog.oso.chapter@cog.ca

More details:
COG OSO, Ottawa St. Lawrence Outaouais chapter of Canadian Organic Growers is a lively and enthusiastic group based in Ottawa offering numerous events and programs year-round to support knowledge and skills for farmers, gardeners, educators, children, seniors, and anyone who is interested in eating healthy food and living in healthy environments. Details of our activity are available at our new website: www.cog.ca/ottawa Nearly all of our activities are coordinated by volunteers. As Coordinator of Volunteers you would have opportunities to learn about organic agriculture locally and on a broader scale as well as make a meaningful difference to the organic sector in your role!

Location: Home Office
Deadline: Apr 5, 2019
Volunteer Position – Opportunity to make a difference!

COG OSO is looking for a Coordinator for our Annual Spring Urban Organic Gardening Seminars to organize the Seminars held in March, April and May annually.

Our purpose is to offer organic gardening information, skills and awareness of the value of organic food quality and the added security of urban gardening plus a willingness to share with the local community. Check out our website: www.cog.ca/ottawa/urban-organic-gardening-seminars/
Location: Hintonburg Community Centre, 1064 Wellington West, Ottawa
Deadline: Apr 5, 2019
Working with a staff supervisor, the Participant Recruitment Lead will:

-Call participants who raised $1000+ at last year’s Walk for Dementia and encourage them to participate again this year
-Visit businesses in key neighbourhoods to encourage them to form a team and to ask them to hang up a Walk for Dementia poster in their shop.
-Visit or call retirement homes to encourage the formation of a Walk for Dementia team and promote the Corporate Team Challenge.
-Support team captains by providing brochures and guiding them through the online registration process.
-Reach out to personal business network (if applicable) to promote participation in the Walk for Dementia
-Assist with registration tent at the Walk for Dementia
Location: Tunney's Pasture
Saturday May 11th 2019
Deadline: Mar 29, 2019
- Invite people to speak on video in the social media tent (with appropriate permissions) and ask them prepared questions
- Encourage people and teams to post social media messages that get displayed
- Collect names and phone numbers

Location: Tunney's Pasture
Saturday May 11th 2019
Deadline: May 3, 2019
- Take photos of performers (band, bagpipes, etc)
- Take photos of participants with a focus on teams (look for the fun!)
- Take photos of exhibitors for social media use
- Take photos at Memory Tribute, of people and the daisy
Location: Tunney's Pasture
Saturday May 11th 2019
Deadline: May 3, 2019
Working with a staff supervisor, the Communications Lead will:

- Boost social media posts and other walk-related media
- Encourage businesses to display walk posters in their windows
- Help recruit volunteers for the day of the walk
- Help recruit participants to register for the walk
- Help recruiting exhibitors and sponsors
- Help boosting the profile of existing exhibitors and sponsors
-Help manage communications volunteers on the day of the Walk for Dementia
Location: Tunney's Pasture
Saturday May 11th 2019
Deadline: Mar 29, 2019
The successful candidate will have strong administrative and organizational skills, advanced knowledge in Microsoft Word and Excel. Experience in scheduling, e-filing and sourcing quotes is also requested.
Location: 233
Murray Street
Deadline: May 31, 2019
For nearly a decade, Matthew House Ottawa has helped marginalized people in Ottawa to establish connected, safe, healthy, and dignified homes within our community. We do this by:
Providing shelter, food and refugee settlement assistance in a family atmosphere to refugee claimants in a 10-person home in Nepean; and,
Distributing quality used furniture and household goods to Ottawa’s marginalised population out of a warehouse facility in Kanata.

Since 2010, we have provided a loving home and community to hundreds of refugee claimants, and as well as free, quality used furniture to thousands of families in Ottawa.

At Matthew House Ottawa, we implement our programs by relying on a strong team of committed volunteers. Our Refugee Services Department depends on over 25 volunteers to operate smoothly. We are currently looking for a Volunteer Coordinator for our Refugee Services Department.
Roles and Responsibilities:
Oversee recruitment, screening, selection, training, scheduling, motivation, and evaluation of volunteers for MHO Refugee Services
Act as a primary resource for volunteers and coordinate all volunteer activities alongside the Program Coordinator MHO Refugee Services
Successfully track and report volunteer engagement and retention
Maintain an up-to-date database of volunteers at MHO Refugee Services
Effectively schedule volunteers for the various roles
Participate in or lead the coordination of periodic volunteer appreciation events

Qualifications/Position essentials
Post-secondary diploma or degree in a related field. A certificate in Volunteer or Human Resources Management is an asset.
2-5 years’ employment or volunteer related experience
Proven ability to mobilize a team of volunteers
Superior interpersonal skills, including excellent communication skills, and ability to work collaboratively as part of a team, but also independently.
Ability to deal with people sensitively, tactfully, diplomatically, and professionally at all times
Excellent word processing skills, and basic proficiency in MS Office suite required.
Superior event management skills
Motivated self-driven individual with ability to take initiative with minimum or no supervision
The Volunteer Coordinator will have the flexibility to work 6-10 hours a week from home, using their personal computer; and occasionally participate in volunteer events and/or meetings.
Location: Matthew House Ottawa Refugee Services,
380 Centrepointe Drive, Nepean
ON K2J 5P3
Deadline: Apr 5, 2019
The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada (National Capital Region) is preparing to host its 3rd annual food and drinks tasting event, Savour the Moment.
This year's event will take place at the Horticulture Building in Ottawa on May 3rd 2019.
Location: Horticulture Building - 1525 Princess Patricia Way, Ottawa, ON, K1S 5J3
Deadline: Apr 25, 2019
Organization: Harmer House
We are looking for volunteers to help with dinner service for our residents during the hours of 4:30pm-6:30pm. This opportunity would be ideal for students looking to fulfill volunteer hours, people looking to help in their community, and people with limited availability (2 hours and 30 minutes per shift, Monday to Friday). Harmer House is a non-profit, independent-living apartment building for seniors.
Looking to give of your time, to help out through companionship and to reinforce a genuine sense of community? If you have patience and dependability, compassion and a passion to make others happy, please contact us!

Volunteer roles:
-assisting with dishes
-setting Dining Room
-washing dishes
-taking orders
serving food
-cleaning tables
organize/ clean kitchen

Location: 848 Seyton , Nepean, K2H 9G6
Deadline: Mar 29, 2019
Organization: Harmer House
A Day Away:
Harmer House's Adult Day Program provides clients with Alzheimer's disease and/or other impairments with a day of stimulating activities.
Required are volunteers that are compassionate, honest and provide true leadership through companionship, encouragement and guidance to assigned client(s) throughout the activities of the day, and assist with program operations.

If you have patience and dependability; a sense of humour, respect and passion for making a difference please apply!

Program Hours are Monday to Friday 9:30am to 2:30pm

Available daily shifts:
9am to 1pm
12pm to 2:30pm
9am to 2:30pm

Experience working with seniors or assisting with cognitive impairments is an asset.

Education in a related field is also an asset.
Location: 100 Forestview Crescent, Nepean
Deadline: Mar 29, 2019
Organization: The Glebe Centre
The Boutique runs five days per week and is a major source of fundraising. The Boutique Hostess would be responsible for setting up new items, pricing, engaging with the public, talking up the items and of course selling.
Location: 77 Monk Street Ottawa On K1S 5A7
Deadline: May 31, 2019
Organization: Ecology Ottawa
Are you environmentally minded and want to make a difference? Do you have free time and an iron will to get involved with Ottawa's local environmental organization? Then this offer is for YOU!

Ecology Ottawa is a not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to make Ottawa the GREEN capital of Canada and we have recently launched our green infrastructure program. Whats green infrastructure? Living and built systems that slow down, soak up, and filer rain water where it falls (for more information: https://ecologyottawa.ca/campaigns/living-city/green-infrastructure/). Why is this important? Because Ottawa will be getting more rain events at an increased volume and our sewer systems were not designed to handle all this rain.

What are planning on doing about this? We need to educate Ottawa residents about green infrastructure, and get them to implement home level adaptations such as planting trees, installing downspout redirects and splash guards. Ecology Ottawa will be going door-to-door in the community of Britannia and we are looking for keen and passionate volunteers to help us with this program.

If you want to make a difference fighting climate change on a local level, are comfortable speaking to strangers, and have some evening and weekend time free, please contact Héloïse and join our team!!

Est-ce-que tu te soucis de l'environnement et tu as envie de faire la différence ? Tu as du temps libre et une volonté de fer de t'impliquer dans l'organisation environnementale locale d'Ottawa ? Alors, cette offre est pour TOI !

Écologie Ottawa est une organisation non lucrative qui a pour mission de faire d'Ottawa la capitale VERTE du Canada, et nous avons récemment lancé notre programme infrastructures vertes. Que sont les infrastructures vertes ? Ce sont des systèmes vivants et bâtis qui ralentissent, absorbent et filtrent l'eau pluviale là où elle tombe (pour plus d'informations : https://ecologieottawa.ca/infrastructures-vertes/). Pourquoi c'est important ? Parce qu'Ottawa va connaitre de plus en plus de chutes de pluie et que nos systèmes d'égouts n'ont pas été conçus pour supporter un tel volume.

Que compte-t-on faire à ce sujet? Nous devons éduquer les résidents d'Ottawa à propos des infrastructures vertes, et les convaincre d'en mettre en place chez eux : planter des arbres, installer des redirections de tuyaux de descente fluviale et des gardes-boue. Écologie Ottawa va faire du porte à porte dans la communauté de Britannia, et nous recherchons des bénévoles enthousiastes et passionnés pour nous aider dans ce programme.

Si tu veux faire la différence et combattre le changement climatique à l'échelle locale, si tu es à l'aise pour parler à des inconnus, et si tu as des soirées ou des weekends de libres, alors contacte Héloïse et rejoins notre équipe !!
Location: 1 Nicholas Street, Suite 430, Ottawa ON, K1N 7B7
Deadline: Jun 11, 2019
We are seeking a Chair for the committee addressing this very current and important issue. The COA Social Inclusion Committee works to ensure that seniors have support and help when they need it, are able to participate in activities and feel connected and valued. Its priorities include: Developing, maintaining and increasing a network of initiatives in the City to address social isolation; Providing education opportunities to organizations to address identified gaps; Better understanding and increasing the community’s understanding of the barriers to social inclusion.

Nous sommes à la recherche d’une personne qui souhaite diriger le Comité de l’inclusion sociale. Le Comité de l’inclusion sociale s’attaque au problème très actuel et très préoccupant qu’est l’isolement social. Il s’assure que les aînés reçoivent de l’aide et du soutien lorsqu’ils en ont besoin, qu’ils sont en mesure de participer à des activités, qu’ils sentent qu’ils appartiennent à un réseau et qu’ils sont valorisés. Son rôle consiste principalement : à bâtir, à maintenir et à élargir un réseau d’initiatives à l’échelle de la ville pour lutter contre l’isolement social; à offrir des occasions d’apprentissage aux organismes pour pallier les lacunes observées; à mieux comprendre les facteurs faisant obstacle à l’inclusion sociale et à renforcer la compréhension de ces facteurs dans la communauté.
Location: 1247 Kilborn
Deadline: Mar 25, 2019
Le programme A3 (Accueil, Aide, Avenir) offre un soutien scolaire supplémentaire aux élèves nouveaux arrivants pour leur permettre d’atteindre leur plein potentiel scolaire et ainsi assurer une meilleure intégration à l’école et une meilleure réussite scolaire. Ce programme est offert gratuitement aux élèves nouveaux arrivants (NA) des écoles élémentaires et secondaires du Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est, ainsi qu'à leurs parents, le mardi et le jeudi de 18 h à 19 h 30 à l'école catholique Marius-Barbeau, Chaque bénévole aide un enfant, un adolescent ou un adulte dans les travaux scolaires ou l'apprentissage de la langue française.
Location: École catholique Marius-Barbeau, 1345, ave Notthinghill, Ottawa, K1V 6T3
Deadline: Apr 30, 2019
We are seeking a dynamic individual with a passion for seniors' health, to lead the COA Health Issues Committee. The COA Health Issues Committee works with and for seniors to improve their quality of life on issues related to health. Its priorities include: Working with community partners to identify and address under-serviced areas or deficiencies in acute care, primary care, and in-home and community care as they pertain to the health of seniors in the community; Working with community partners to educate seniors and their families about issues related to health and the health care system in the region.

Nous recherchons une personne dynamique avec une passion pour les aînés(es) pour diriger le Comité de la santé du CSV. Le Comité de la santé du CSV travaille en collaboration avec des aînés et pour les aînés et conseille le CSV sur les façons d’améliorer la qualité de vie des personnes âgées.
Exigences inclus: Rejoindre les aînés, notamment au moyen de leurs pairs, pour favoriser la participation à des activités qui amélioreront l’état de santé des personnes âgées; Cerner les questions préoccupantes en matière de santé, en établir l’ordre de priorité et y trouver des solutions en consultation avec des aînés et des organismes oeuvrant auprès des aînés ainsi qu’en se fondant sur la recherche émergente; Collaborer avec des partenaires de la collectivité à la sensibilisation des aînés et des membres de leur famille à des questions reliées à la santé et au système de soins de santé de la région.
Location: 1247 Kilborn
Deadline: Mar 25, 2019
Organization: The Glebe Centre
Our long term care home provides church services twice per week on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. We need support escorting our residents to the services. You do not need to be religious or stay in the service if that is your choice, we need the help getting folks to the church area. The time commitment would be 9:30 - 11:00 on either day.
Location: 77 Monk Street Ottawa On
Deadline: May 31, 2019
Organization: The Glebe Centre
Our long term care home has three main garden areas that require support during the spring, summer and fall. We are looking for volunteers who can help with cleanup, planting and arranging flowers, maintaining and fall clean up. If you are artistic and like the idea of organizing a garden area we could use your help.
Location: 77 Monk Street Ottawa On
Deadline: May 31, 2019
Organization: The Glebe Centre
Our community support organization hosts a luncheon and Speakers Series every Wednesday morning. The position consists of setting up the kitchen and coffee, shopping at the local grocery store for the event and the helping to set up for the Speakers Series. It is a 8:30 - 1:30 position on Wednesdays but we can split the time between two volunteers. If you are looking for a shorter commitment we have Thursday and Friday mornings available from 8:30 - 9:30.
Location: 77 Monk Street Ottawa On
Deadline: May 31, 2019
Organization: The Glebe Centre
Volunteers are needed to support our Saturday afternoon bingo activity. Some of our residents need help getting to the event and then more help with the actual game. This is a well attended event and we need volunteers to support individual residents. This is an ideal position for students needing their 40 hours or folks who can only volunteer on weekends. We need engaging volunteers who are not shy to reach out and connect.
Location: 77 Monk Street Ottawa On
Deadline: May 31, 2019
Le Centre de santé communautaire Carlington (CSCC) offre un large éventail de services sociaux, de services de santé et d’activités communautaires. Le CSCC axe son action sur les principaux déterminants de la santé, en particulier l’accès aux soins de santé primaires et les facteurs sociaux qui influencent la santé des personnes, des familles et des collectivités. Le CSSC applique le Modèle de santé et de bien-être et est l’un des six centres de santé communautaires à Ottawa qui font partie du Réseau local d’intégration des services de santé (RLISS) de Champlain.

Au cours des deux prochaines années, le CSCC subira des changements afin de se développer et d’améliorer ses services. Notre nouvelle clinique de soins primaires sera achevée au rez-de-chaussée du bâtiment partagé avec Logement communautaire Ottawa et l’édifice principal sera rénové pour améliorer les programmes existants.

Le CSCC est à la recherche de personnes passionnées et dévouées pour faire partie de son conseil d’administration bénévole. La personne idéale doit posséder les qualités suivantes :
• Engagement envers la mission, la vision et les valeurs du CSCC
• Solides compétences en communication
• Capacité démontrée de travailler en équipe
• Capacité de consacrer le temps requis (8 à 10 heures par mois, de septembre à juin inclus, plus un samedi en octobre pour une journée de retraite du conseil).

Le CSCC s'intéresse particulièrement aux candidats possédant des compétences, des connaissances et une expérience dans certains des domaines suivants:
• La finance
• Soins de santé et/ou services sociaux
• Communauté d'affaires locale
• Planification stratégique
• Plaidoyer
• Engagement communautaire
• Légal
• Une expérience antérieure avec un conseil ou un groupe communautaire à but non lucratif est un atout.

La langue de travail du centre est l'anglais. Toutes les réunions du conseil et des comités se déroulent en anglais. Le centre peut fournir une assistance pour la garde d'enfants et le transport pour les réunions, si nécessaire.

Alors que nous invitons tous les candidats intéressés, le mandat du CSCC nous oblige à maintenir un pourcentage des membres du conseil qui vivent dans la zone de service du Centre, qui est: l'avenue Woodroffe à l'ouest; promenade Island Park à l'est; la rivière Ottawa au nord et le chemin Baseline au sud; plus la communauté Rideauview. De plus, le Centre est désigné en vertu de la Loi sur les services en français de l'Ontario, qui exige qu'au moins deux membres du conseil soient francophones.

Les personnes d'esprit communautaire souhaitant se joindre à notre conseil sont encouragées à soumettre leur candidature au plus tard le 4 avril 2019 à: lnesrallah@carlington.ochc.org. Les entrevues avec les candidats sélectionnés auront lieu à la mi-fin Avril.

Les candidats doivent inclure une lettre d’intérêt détaillée et un CV décrivant leur expérience et leurs qualifications. Toutes les soumissions seront examinées, mais seuls les candidats sélectionnés pour une entrevue seront contactés.
Location: 900, chemin Merivale
Deadline: Apr 4, 2019
Carlington is seeking passionate and dedicated individuals to join its volunteer Board of Directors.

The Carlington Community Health Centre provides a wide range of health, social and community services. Carlington focuses on the broad determinants of health, including primary health care and social factors that influence the health of individuals, families and communities. Carlington employs a Model of Health and Wellbeing and is one of six community health centres in Ottawa, located within the Champlain LHIN (Local Health Integrated Network).

Over the next two years, CCHC will be undergoing changes in order to grow and improve our services. Our new primary care clinic will be completed on the ground floor of the building shared with Ottawa Community Housing and the main building will be renovated to make current programs better.

Carlington is seeking passionate and dedicated individuals to join its volunteer Board of Directors. The ideal board member will have:
• A commitment to Carlington’s Mission, Vision and Values
• Strong communication skills
• A demonstrated ability to work in a team
• The ability to commit the time required as a member of the
Carlington Board of Directors (8-10 hours per month September to June inclusive, plus a Saturday in October for an all-day board retreat).

Carlington is particularly interested in candidates with skills, knowledge and experience in some of the following areas:
• Finance
• Health Care &/or Social Services
• Local business community
• Strategic Planning
• Advocacy
• Community Engagement
• Legal
• Previous experience with a non-profit Board or community group is an asset

The working language of the Centre is English. All Board and committee meetings are conducted in English. The Centre can provide assistance with child care and transportation for meetings, if necessary. While we invite all interested candidates, the mandate of CCHC requires us to maintain a percentage of board members who live within the Centre’s service area, which is: Woodroffe Avenue to the west; Island Park Drive to the east; the Ottawa River to the north and Baseline Road to the south; plus the Rideauview community. Further, the Centre is designated under the French Language Services Act of Ontario, which requires that at least two board members be French-speaking. Community-minded individuals interested in joining our Board of Directors are encouraged to submit their nomination no later than April 4, 2019 to: lnesrallah@carlington.ochc.org. Interviews with selected candidates will be held in mid-late April. Applicants should include a detailed letter of interest and a resume outlining relevant experience and qualifications. All submissions will be reviewed however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.
Location: 900 Merivale Road
Deadline: Apr 4, 2019
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