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Employers – VO Connect

VO Connect – An Employer Supported Volunteer Program

Are you a company or a government department wanting to start an employer supported volunteerism program?

Employer supported volunteerism (ESV) refers to employers supporting their staff to volunteer their time and skills to benefit their community. At least once a year, the organization provides opportunities for their employees to volunteer within working hours. This practice is being adopted by more and more businesses and government departments. 

Employee supported volunteerism is an increasingly popular way in which companies both fulfill their social responsibility mandates and provide their employees with benefits that directly relate to their social well-being. Starting an ESV program can:

  • Improve company image
  • Contribute to networking and skills development
  • Boost employee morale
  • Build social awareness and an understanding of the community
  • Contribute to team building

For employers looking for an energized and skilled workforce, VO Connect is an ESV program that improves skills, generates enthusiasm and creates high performance teams. VO Connect offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities for groups of employees.

We have the connections. Whether it is a one-day volunteer activity with fifteen different charities for 500 employees, or activities spread across a month with one charity for 20 employees, VO has the connections in the not-for-profit and charitable community to ensure that your company finds the right volunteer engagements – ones that will most benefit the community, your employees and your company.

We do the work. Planning an ESV program can be a lot of work and adhoc in-house programs can consume resources and time, VO Connect provides companies with a cost effective solution and all the support they require to support an ESV program including:


  • Sourcing of opportunities
  • Employee registration
  • Waivers
  • Agreements with charities
  • Transportation
  • Catering
  • Set-up and tear down
  • Photography
  • Recognition strategies


If you are interested in our VO Connect program, please contact voconnect@volunteerottawa.ca.

For more information on the program, we invite you to read the VO Connect Information Pamphlet or view our powerpoint presentation.  

 If you are a not-for-profit or charity looking for group volunteers

You can connect with government and corporations seeking employee volunteer opportunities through VO Connect.

These types of volunteering engagements typically involve group volunteering  - providing community support and services within a short time frame. These can be groups of 10, 50, 100, 200 or more volunteers.

As a member of VO, you can benefit a great deal from this program. You can be included in a catalogue of group volunteering opportunities which will be provided to VO Connect partners. These can be one-time only, reoccurring or special projects/activities. 

VO_Connect/WEBSITE_3.JPG Activities could include (but are not limited to):

  • Event support and staffing
  • Cooking/serving meals
  • Putting together mailings/information packets
  • Landscaping/yard work
  • Sorting items
  • Putting together gift baskets
  • Cleaning/painting
  • Environmental projects (ie. Cleaning a river bank)
  • Collections
  • Distributing items to households/people

Please contact voconnect@volunteerottawa.ca if you have a group volunteering opportunity that you would like to have included in our VO Connect Catalogue.