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Rechercher des occasions de bénévolat

Trouver une bonne cause et allez-y! Que ce soit votre premier temps au bénévolat ou si vous êtes un vétéran chevronné, nous avons ce qu'il vous. Quel type d' organisme sans but lucratif que vous voulez faire du bénévolat pour? Quel genre de bénévolat voulez-vous faire? Qui voulez-vous aider? Vous pouvez rechercher ci-dessous pour ces et d'autres préférences. Si vous n'êtes pas sûr exactement ce que vous cherchez, commencez une grande recherche, puis le réduire.

Les possibilités de bénévolat

Organisme : Music and Beyond
Volunteers needed for various positions with Music and Beyond! Contact for more info or to sign up!
Endroit : 51 William Street
Date limite pour postuler: 3 déc 2019
Volunteer Wanted!

Senior Organic Gardeners Leadership Team Members
Canadian Organic Growers- Ottawa St Lawrence Outaouais Chapter

Organic Seed Sale Fundraising Coordinator

This volunteer position is an opportunity for a well-organized, experienced volunteer to take charge of the Annual Spring Organic Seed Sales Fundraiser for Senior Organic Gardeners. It is an opportunity to get to know Canadian Organic Growers – our local Ottawa Chapter and the organic sector as well as to make a huge contribution to the local fundraising for Senior Organic Gardeners.

An overview of this role involves:
* Becoming aware of the issues relating to organic seeds (germination, packaging dates, value of organic seeds;
• Contacting organic seed companies requesting donations (in-kind) for organic seeds as a fundraiser for Senior Organic Gardeners;
• Recruiting new organic seed companies for donations;
• Contacting host locations negotiating dates and times where seeds can be sold
• Recruiting new host locations for seed sales;
• Setting a realistic calendar of organization of the seed sales in conjunction with Hosts for sales, other organic seed events;
• Recruiting well organized volunteers to take the seed sales (cash only) to host locations with the help of organic gardening experts to give advice on planting the seeds.
• Recruit organic gardeners experts to accompany sales people at all sales
• Keep records of sales, present cash & cash reports to SOG Team Leader for deposit and transfer to COG OSO treasurer.

The calendar timeline is as follows:
• Contact the Organic Seed Companies for promise of seed donations in the early spring.
• Contact host locations in east, west and south Ottawa proposing dates and times of sales for March and April
• Creation of posters with all Organic Seed Sale Locations, dates, times and names of seed donor companies.
• Promotion Campaign from early-February through March and April
• Organic Seed Sales take place
• Organic Seed Sales on request
• Summary Report: Organic Seed Sale: Seed Donors, Seed Sales Hosts, Dates, times, Funds raised. Each sale has a Cash Flow Report (sales, expenses, etc)
• Report to the COG OSO Steering Committee

Are you interested?
Brouse our website:
Contact: or call 613 834 5091
Send your CV, ask for an Application Form & provide 2 references

Endroit : Orleans
Date limite pour postuler: 29 nov 2019
Organisme : SchoolBOX Inc
The SchoolBOX Volunteer Experience consists of a10-day group trip to Nicaragua to help construct a school or classroom. We organize private transportation, accommodations, food and clean water, in-country guides, translation, safety and orientation from start to finish.


10 days


$1500 USD


School building project and cross-cultural experience
Private in-country transportation
9 nights shared accommodation at hotels
Meals + purified water on the worksite
Recreational excursions + cultural activities
24/7 bilingual guides, translation + first aid

Each volunteer must raise an additional $500 CAD that goes directly to SchoolBOX projects.


Work is based on your ability, but you could be digging foundations, mixing cement, painting classrooms or helping make wire columns.
Play with kids and encourage students to dream.
Learn about Nicaraguan history and culture, the importance of education to defeat poverty, and pick up some Spanish along the way.
Explore the beautiful country of Nicaragua.
Endroit : SchoolBOX Inc
73 Mill St.
PO Box 201
Almonte, Ontario
Canada, K0A 1A0
Date limite pour postuler: 29 nov 2019
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