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Dining in the Dark Committee Member!

March 29, 2019

Calling all Foodies! 

Hello I’m Julia Canning manager of community giving, CNIB Ontario East. I’m looking to put a committee of 5-8 people to help plan and execute a Dining-in-the-Dark and (potentially) blindfolded live auction. The event is occurring on March 29th, but planning is already underway! 

As the name indicates Dining in the Dark is a fundraising dinner where individuals are blindfolded throughout a meal, and therein able to experience their meal at a whole new level. 

The DITD committee will be involved in: 
-Recommending, tasting and approving a menu, 
-Aid in planning and decision making, 
-Recommending potential sponsors, 
-Selling tickets and, 
-Media and promotions 

The commitment will be approximately one meeting every 2-weeks, with date, time and frequency to be determined by members. 

This is great opportunity to be involved in the planning of a very unique experience. 

If you are interested or if you have someone you would like to suggest for this committee, 

please contact: Julia.canning@cnib.ca 


Julia Canning
Manager, Community Giving, CNIB
1355 Bank Street, Ottawa, K1H 8K7
P: 613-563-4021 x5039
C: 343-961-1046