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Great Glebe Green Garage Sale

May 25, 2019

It’s our favourite time of year again… Soon the entire Glebe will be abuzz with lawn-hawking like you’ve never seen. It’s this annual mecca of bargain-hunters from near and far that gave birth to Ecology Ottawa’s Great Glebe GREEN Garage Sale!

About the event

This year, we are continuing last year’s resounding tree giveaway success, which was the single largest one-day distribution of trees Ottawa has ever seen!
At this year’s Great Glebe GREEN Garage Sale, on Saturday, May 25, over 100 of Ecology Ottawa’s amazing volunteers will distribute 1,000s of free tree saplings at the event and to shoppers throughout the neighbourhood! Every tree goes towards Ecology Ottawa’s Tree Ottawa campaign, a city-wide effort to plant 1,000,000 new trees in Ottawa—1 tree for every resident in the city—to help Ottawa’s tree canopy recover from the Emerald Ash Borer crisis.
Our energetic volunteers will fan out throughout the neighbourhood all day, giving away 1,000s of free trees! Be on the lookout for smiling folks in green hard hats.
We encourage you to come get your free tree at our event headquarters at 680 Bank Street (in the Kunstadt parking lot). In addition, we will be providing the public with access to portable washrooms, a hand washing station, and a water bottle refilling station—part of our commitment to the community. There will also be great music and plenty of fun activities for kids! So be sure to stop by.
8:00am-12: 00 pm – DJs Hobo and Sweet Cheeks (DJs Hobo & Sweet Cheeks are Pawel Skorupski and Jose Palacios, founders of Kitchen Party. A wildly successful monthly dance party held in Ottawa, Canada.)
12:00pm-4:00pm – Neighbour DJs

The History of the event

What started as a humble fundraiser in 2008, has grown into a carnival unto itself that community members look forward to each year. Now in its 12th year, the Great Glebe GREEN Garage Sale has become one of Ecology Ottawa’s flagship annual events.
The Great Glebe GREEN Garage Sale produces incredible benefits for the community, including:
Raised over $90,000 to date for Ecology Ottawa and the Ottawa Food Bank.
Introduces and builds grass-roots support for environmental issues among a wide and diverse audience in the city.
Creates hundreds of hands-on volunteer opportunities.
Provides valuable services to residents and shoppers.
Diverts tonnes of useful items from the landfill to new, loving homes.
Supports dozens of incredible local organizations in need of household items.
Brings together diverse community members for a fun and entertaining event.
Everything is coordinated by more than 100 passionate volunteers, without whom this event would not be possible. We have generated widespread interest throughout the community and the media, including from the Ottawa Citizen, CBC Radio, and CTV2. See past TV interviews to the right, and you can listen to our 2017 interview on CHUO’s This is Heart City program here.
This event is part of the community-wide Great Glebe Garage Sale that takes place across the neighbourhood, organized by the Glebe Community Association.

Your role as a volunteer

Volunteers are at the heart of what makes the Great Glebe GREEN Garage Sale such a successful event. Help us organize and pull off the city’s biggest free tree giveaway ever.
Volunteering for this event is a lot of fun, and opportunities are available for folks of all ages. Food and refreshments will be provided. And yes, volunteering for the Great Glebe GREEN Garage Sale can count towards your high school volunteer requirement!

We are currently seeking volunteers to help with the following roles:

- Distribute free trees to folks at our venue and throughout the neighbourhood,
- Staff the Ecology Ottawa information table to answer questions about our programs, projects, and priorities,
- Monitor waste from the event and make sure it is sorted properly (recycling, green bin, garbage, etc.),
- Help set up the site before the event,
- Take down tables, tents, barriers, etc.,
- Pick up and drop-off donated or borrowed items from the event,
- Baked goods donations to feed volunteers and to sell

We need your help the most on Saturday, May 25th, from 6 am to 6 pm, as well as the day before and the day after.

If you are interested in volunteering for one of the year’s most fun and exciting events:

https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/g4s2019 and we will follow-up with you shortly. This will greatly help us coordinate the more than 100 volunteers we expect to sign up.

Donate your unwanted items

Ecology Ottawa is eternally grateful for the amazing support we have received from our generous donors over the years. Together, we have helped keep countless tonnes of waste out of landfills and supported dozens of incredible community organizations.
This year, we are again focusing our efforts on distributing 1,000s of free trees to shoppers throughout the neighbourhood and creating a community hub during the event at 680 Bank Street (in the Kunstadt parking lot). As such, we won’t be accepting donations of household items.

We are excited to be partnering with the Glebe Community Association (GCA) to publish a list of community organizations that are collecting items for this event. We encourage you to do some spring cleaning and support one of these other groups with your unwanted household donations. And if you know of any other groups that are collecting items, add them to the list by contacting Colette Downie, gggs@glebeca.ca.

If you have items to donate year-round, we are excited to share the following list of organizations that accept donations of household items year-round. This list includes community groups we have contacted to confirm the details of what they accept. If you would like to add to this list or submit an update, please contact garagesale@ecologyottawa.ca.

Vi Bui, vi.bui@ecologyottawa.ca, 613-860-5353