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Stars in a Jar - Jar Building Night

February 21, 2019

Stars in a Jar (starsinjar.org) connects childhood cancer survivors with children on active cancer treatment. We strive to provide these young warriors with the message of hope, strength and life after cancer.

We connect childhood cancer survivors with unique jars filled with origami stars. These jars are made by volunteers who re-write messages made by a specific cancer survivor. The messages of hope are recorded on origami stars for a patient to unfold and discover. Each jar by a survivor provides glimpses of their cancer journey.

We need volunteers (aka YOU) to come to our Jar Nights to help us make our origami stars. All you need to bring is yourself! Its okay if you don't know how to fold origami, we will teach you!

We provide the paper, pens, Jars, messages and snacks to make it a memorable event! Jar nights always have a start time, but it's always okay to show up late. You can expect that a full Jar night will run for around 2 hours. The more people we have the faster they go!

Please contact us for more details! ottawa@starsinajar.org

This is a great opportunity for people looking for volunteer hours or interested in health care fields!

February's Jar Night Information:

Date: February 21st (We had to cancel the previously planned Jar Night on the 13th due to weather)

Location: 451 Smyth Rd - Roger Guindon Hall Student Lounge at the University of Ottawa hospital campus.

Time: 5 PM - 8 PM (drop in anytime)

You don't need to sign up. Simply show up and have fun! We also give volunteer hours for high school and university students. Visit starsinajar.org to learn more.