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Therapeutic Riding Team

mars 21 - juin 3, 2017


 Location of Event

TROtt, 6362-1 Bank Street, Greely, ON K4P 1J4


Brief description


As a volunteer, you are part of our Therapeutic Riding Team and each of you individually contributes to the success of our program.  Because of your help in preparing horses, leading and side walking, we are able to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities.  It has been our experience that by giving their time and energy, the quality of life of a volunteer is also enhanced through the opportunity to improve life skills and build relationships.


Must be 14 years of age or older.

Reasonable fitness level; be able to run alongside a trotting horse for up to 80 meters

Able to commit to regular attendance- a 2 hour time slot on a regular day and time each week.

Own transportation


What volunteers do

Groom the horses. We encourage riders to help where possible for all or part of these activities; you may be in charge of a rider, helping/ teaching/ guiding them.  Tack up the horse

Side Walker: Walks beside the rider during the class always within arm's reach of the rider.  Primary responsibility is rider safety and to assist in keeping balanced and secure position for the rider.  This can include hands on support and or verbal support and encouragement.  Helps the rider with understanding instructions and playing games.

Horse Handler: Leads the horse around the arena according to the instructor's instructions.  Has proper control of the horse at all times and monitors th horse behaviour letting side walkers and instructors know of any problem arising.


Time frame:  Volunteers commit to 2 hour volunteer time slot each week.  They must also a 3 hour hour training and orientation before starting.



Fiona Kearney

Google doc sign up sheet:  Online Volunteer Inquiry

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