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Canadian Cancer Survivor Network

Mona Forrest
Secretary, Board of Directors
Canadian Cancer Survivor Network

1750 Courtwood Crescent, Suite 210
Ottawa, ON
Canada K2C 2B5

TEL: 613-898-1871

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Aboriginals (First Nation, Metis, Inuit); Visible Minorities or New Canadians; Disadvantaged; Men; People with disabilities or medical conditions; Youth (16-18 years); Youth (11-15 years); Children (0-10 years); Seniors; Women; Youth (19-24 years)

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network works to connect patients, survivors and other stakeholder groups with decision makers and the wider community to engage in discussion and to act on evidence-based best practices to alleviate the medical, emotional, financial and social costs of cancer and encourage research on ways to overcome barriers to optimal cancer care and follow-up for survivors in Canada.

CCSN is working with cancer patients and survivors to learn about health system complexities, connect with others to plan action, and act to promote best care, healthier survivorship and a place for the patient voice in healthcare systems decision-making.


Volunteer Opportunities

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network is a growing health charity working with cancer survivors to connect, learn, and act with partners to have an impact and a voice to improve the health system for the best possible care for patients and survivors.
Be right in the center of things for a busy fall season including a chance to upgrade your office skills, and learning opportunities in social media, online fundraising, and communications.
Location: 1750 Courtwood Crescent, Suite 210
Ottawa K2C 2B5
Deadline: Sep 20, 2019
Public Policy Assistant
Should have knowledge of Public Policy process and issues as related to cancer survivorship.
Several volunteering possibilities:
1) Assist with communicating cancer health issues questions to candidates in upcoming federal election; post replies for cancer patients and survivors to view.
2)Investigate cancer survivorship issues for Canadian research on the subject to assist health policy development . Review US and other studies worldwide.
3)Recommend resources for data/information. Analyze available data/information, monitor data/information quality, and communicates findings related to policy impact in reports, and presentations.
4)Monitor, analyze and share information on trends, research and developments in public policy and practice relevant to cancer survivorship.
Location: 1750 Courtwood Crescent, Suite 210
Ottawa ON K2C 2B5
Deadline: Sep 15, 2019
General Member; Secretary, Board of Directors
Board Members act in a position of trust for the community and are responsible for the effective governance of the organization.
CCSN is looking for knowledge, expertise and skills in one or more areas of not for profit Board work: governance and policy development, fundraising, strategy and business planning. Requires commitment to the work of the organization, attendance at events and reading of material to remain current, attendance at monthly Board meetings, active participation in discussions and deliberations of the Board.
Board members act at all times in the best interest of the organization and are aware of and abstain from conflicts of interest. Ethical participation and collaborative and positive approach required.
The secretary position has wide-ranging responsibilities. He or she is an active conduit for communication by giving proper notice of any meetings and timely distribution of material such as agendas, information relating to agenda items, and meeting minutes.
The secretary manages the organization’s records and related materials, providing advice and resources to the board on topics such as governance issues, regulatory body amendments, and information that will assist them in fulfilling their fiduciary duties. As the custodian of the organization’s records, the secretary is responsible for maintaining accurate documentation and meeting any legal requirements such as periodic and annual filing deadlines. The secretary is responsible for reviewing and updating documents as necessary and ensuring all documents are safely stored and readily accessible.
Organizations are required by law and by custom to maintain certain records for several purposes, including: • accurate recollection of decisions; • determination of eligibility to vote; • continuity of policies and practices; and • accountability of directors and officers. The Secretary is responsible for ensuring that accurate and sufficient documentation exists to meet legal requirements, and to enable authorized persons to determine when, how, and by whom the board's business was conducted.
Location: 1750 Courtwood Crescent, Suite 210
Ottawa K2C 2B5
Deadline: Sep 15, 2019