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Liz Tyrwhitt
Volunteer Coordinator

30 Cleary Avenue
Ottawa, ON
Canada K2A 4A1

E-mail: liz@ancoura.ca

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Men; People with disabilities or medical conditions; Women

Our mission at Ancoura is to provide a nurturing and fulfilling environment for persons living with mental illness, through stable, affordable housing and a supportive community.

We believe in the possibility of a compassionate society, free from stigma and discrimination, where people living with mental illness are full, contributing members.


Volunteer Opportunities

Organization: Ancoura
As part of Ancoura's fundraising activities, we are selling 50/50 tickets at the Champions Baseball games during the summer months. We are looking for people who would be interested in joining our team of volunteers to sell tickets.

Ancoura is a small Ottawa charity that provides a nurturing and fulfilling environment for persons living with mental illness, through permanent, affordable housing and a supportive community. We have 7 town homes in Ottawa with three residents in each home. Each home has a circle of 4 to 5 volunteers who develop supportive friendships and provide social and recreational activities for the residents.

Location: Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Park, Ottawa' Baseball Stadium
302 Coventry Road
Deadline: Aug 31, 2019
Organization: Ancoura
The Visiting Volunteer provides companionship to Ancoura's residents in their townhomes. The volunteer will help to reduce the loneliness and isolation of the residents. The duties of the position include visiting the townhome where the residents reside, engaging in friendly conversation, daily tasks and leisure activities such as sharing a meal, watching a hockey game together or going on outings in the community. The visiting volunteer attends monthly volunteer meetings with the other volunteers and with the Ancoura Coordinator to share information about the residents' progress and to plan activities.
Location: Our office is at 30 Cleary Avenue, Ottawa ON K2A 4A1 and six of our townhomes are in the west end of Ottawa and one is in the east.
Deadline: Jul 31, 2019