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Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue

Katharine Jones
Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue

P.O Box 34047

Strandherd RO
Nepean, ON
Canada K2J 5B1

TEL: 613-795-2287

E-mail: rescue@oscatr.ca

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We are a non-profit charitable organization who helps in taking stray cats off the streets of Ottawa and surrounding area, and providing them with medical care and spaying and neutering. We provide TNR (trap-neuter-return) services to community cats (these are feral non-social cats) and help to look after community cat colonies.

Our volunteers do everything from behind the scenes coordination of the organization, fundraising, fostering cats, driving and even outside work such as trapping and feeding.


Volunteer Opportunities

Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue is looking for volunteers to help with fundraising initiatives, events, driving, donations, baking, crafting, and much more! You can help as little or as much as you are available!

For more info, please visit helpcats.ca and fill out a volunteer application. PLEASE APPLY ON OUR WEBSITE AND NOT ON VOLUNTEER OTTAWA.
Location: Various locations across the Ottawa area
Deadline: Aug 31, 2019
Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue is looking for someone to be our Supply Coordinator. This is a volunteer position. We are all volunteers, and this is a nonprofit organization.

Roles would include:

Being a drop off location for event items.

Soliciting crafts and items from the volunteers who provide them to restock the event kits

Stocking and restocking kits

Collecting items for events from Storage (for example, table, donation bins, cat cages) and either dropping them off to the lead volunteer, or putting them outside at a safe location for volunteers to pick up prior to the event.

Kits can be stored with you, or you would have access to the storage locker on Moodie Drive.

Events are not that frequent. Certain months have 3-4 events, and others have none. Our fundraising coordinator is very organized and provides a detailed list of items each time, in advance of the dates.

Further duties could include: managing and maintaining the storage locker space (keeping it clean and organized). There are only a couple people with access.

You would be part of our inner team of coordinators. We would request your help in some decision making. We try to communicate with each other often and keep everyone uptodate with all the comings and goings.

You would also be part of our crafting committee page and volunteer page so that people can contact you and you can contact them for supplies.

We have fun, make friends and help a lot of cats.


* Ability to drive to the storage locker on Moodie Drive.

** Being committed! We often have many people want to help, they help a little and then disappear. We really need someone who is in it, and who wants to contribute.

*** Have to be on Facebook, and able to be contacted when items are needed.

We promise that it is rewarding, and we have very little drama. None of us our perfect, but we try our best.

Please email rescue@oscatr.ca

Subject: Supply Coordinator (Aubrie)
Location: Various locations across Ottawa
Deadline: Aug 31, 2019
Cat Fosters Needed!

What you need: A loving home, lots of patience, and commitment to animals!

Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue (OSCatR) will cover approved medical costs at our veterinary partners and fosters will cover cost of food (except veterinary food), litter, toys, etc. (except when donations allow us to provide these).

For more info and to apply, please go to https://www.oscatr.ca/foster.

Because there is never a shortage of cats, OSCatR is always in need of foster homes. Foster home volunteers are an integral part of the Adoption and Trap & Release (TNR) programs. Without foster homes, OSCatR would be limited in the help they could provide to cats who are referred to the Adoption and TNR programs.

Two types of fosters: Adoption (socializing/providing an enriching environment to cats who will be adopted out, allowing potential adopters to visit cats in your home) and TNR (providing a safe space for community cats to recover from neuter/spay before returning to their colonies).
Location: Various locatiions across Ottawa
Deadline: Aug 30, 2019