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Women Warriors' Healing Garden

Erin Kinsey
Executive Director
Women Warriors' Healing Garden

305-2995 Albion Rd. N.
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1V 8Z2

TEL: 613-612-1099

E-mail: WWHG@womenwarriorshg.org
Web: www.womenwarriorshg.org

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LGBTTQ; People with disabilities or medical conditions; Women

Peer Support and Therapy for Women and LGBTQ2+ living with PTSD, MST, and Trauma.


Volunteer Opportunities

The individual should have experience working on a Board. Responsibilities include taking notes, preparing minutes and serving on committees. Military service experience is an asset.
Location: 305 2995 Albion Rd. N
Ottawa ON K1V8Z2
Deadline: Jan 31, 2020