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Kanata-Carleton Small Business Network (KCSBN)

Rouba Fattal
Founder & President
Kanata-Carleton Small Business Network (KCSBN)
Men; Women; Youth (19-24 years)

The Kanata-Carleton Small Business Network (KCSBN) believes in supporting local rural and urban entrepreneurs to help our community grow and prosper. Our not-for-profit network model, aims to bring together local entrepreneurs to connect them with each other, to their community, and to the resources they need to succeed. Whether they own an established business or are looking to launch a business, we are here to champion them all the way. We foster strong community partnerships to provide the following services: tailored workshops with expert speakers; an annual Small Business Fair where small business entrepreneurs can showcase their products/services; and social media platforms to connect and promote our local small businesses.


Volunteer Opportunities

The KCSBN is looking for two voulenteers with a car and a laptop/tablet, and they need to be willing to drive around Kanata-Carleton to meet with stakeholders.

The first volunteer is expected to reach out to identified local highschools to meet in person with principals and business teachers (grade 11&12) to explain our Youth Enterpreneur Program which we want to deliver to the youth at schools. This needs to be done during weekdays between 9am-2pm.

The second volunteer is expected to go to local businesses we have identified in Kanata-Carleton to introduce the local businesses to our services and help them register on our free Online Business Directory. This can be done during the week or weekend.

If you're interested in any of these positions, please contact me directly at rouba.fattal@kanatacarletonsbn.ca
Location: in Kanata-Carleton area
Deadline: Feb 29, 2020