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Ottawa Regional Science Fair

Simon McMillan
Ottawa Regional Science Fair

P.O. Box 8286, Station T CSC

Ottawa, ON
Canada K1G 3H7

TEL: 613-296-7989

E-mail: chair@orsf.ca
Web: www.orsf.ca

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Youth (16-18 years); Youth (11-15 years)

We host the annual Ottawa Regional Science Fair. Students from all public boards and private schools in the Ottawa area are invited to showcase their projects at our fair. We typically have between 200 and 300 students participating. We select 11 finalists who will go to the Canada-Wide Science Fair.


Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for a treasurer to join the Ottawa Regional Science Fair organizing committee. Ideally you, the candidate, has some experience in accounting or financial management. You should also be interested in working with young people who are coming to present their projects at our fair.

Our current treasurer is retiring after this year (June 2020) and is looking for someone to start shadowing him now in order to take over as treasurer after that.

Role of the treasurer
The treasurer is a member of the organizing committee responsible for financial reporting and has signing authority for banking and legal documents.

Responsibilities of the treasurer
- maintain proper books of account and keep them in safe custody
- prepare reports showing the financial position of the organization
- attend organizing committee meetings
- issue invoices, cheques and receipts
- receive and record all monies paid to the organization and ensure that they are deposited to the bank
- receive monthly bank statements
- ensure that records of all monetary transactions are reconciled with bank statements
- prepare and submit to Canada Revenue Agency the annual charitable information return (T3010) and a Directors/Trustees worksheet (T1235) to maintain status as a charitable organization
- liaise with organizing committee members responsible for fundraising efforts to track payments and collect monies owed
- ensure that the mailbox is emptied monthly or weekly during fair registration
- apply for HST/GST rebates from Canada Revenue Agency when applicable
- ensure that monies deposited to the Paypal account are transferred to the primary bank account
- attend or be represented by a delegate at the annual science fair
- be capable of being bonded in case that becomes required by any legislation or pertinent provincial directive
- coordinate interac e-transfers during student registration process
- manage transition from Excel spreadsheet reports to accounting software, and implement updates to software as needed
Location: Ottawa
Deadline: Nov 30, 2019