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Stride Assistance for the Disabled

Yvette Roberts
Stride Assistance for the Disabled

Bay #6 – 43 Grenfell Cres.

Nepean, ON
Canada K2G 0G3

TEL: 613-723-0528

E-mail: stridewheelchairsplus@gmail.com

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Aboriginals (First Nation, Metis, Inuit); Visible Minorities or New Canadians; Disadvantaged; LGBTTQ; Men; People with disabilities or medical conditions; Youth (16-18 years); Youth (11-15 years); Seniors; Women; Youth (19-24 years); Homeless

Stride is a registered charity. We assist disabled persons by giving, trading, repairing or selling at discounted prices refurbished mobility items.


Volunteer Opportunities

STRIDE Assistance for the Disabled, Inc., a registered, non-profit, charitable organization operated solely by a dedicated team of volunteers consisting of retired Engineers, former Health Care Professionals, persons with disabilities, family members of a person with a disability, etc. Our mission is to help individuals maintain their independence and improve their quality of life by providing refurbished health care equipment in excellent condition at affordable prices while at the same time saving it from going to landfills.

As part of our revitalization plan, STRIDE is seeking to create a Business Committee to provide expert guidance in the operation of the business. The mandate of the Business Committee is to:
1. Implement the revitalization work plan
2. Provide business management guidance
3. Set business objectives
4. Monitor finances and develop a business reserve from the increased income
5. Provide direct support and oversight to the operation of the Depot
6. Prepare a report on business highlights and recommendations for monthly board meetings

Committee Chair Skills Required

· Experience in managing a business, preferably in the health care community.
· Ability to provide guidance to the Committee regarding management.
· Ability to network with other stakeholders.
· Experience in producing regular reports to the board.
· Experience managing and working with volunteers.
· Ability to read and understand financial statements.
· Understanding of current rules and regulations of running a charity.
· Experience in setting and implementing business plans.

Working Conditions
· The Committee will meet at least once a month. Other tasks will be assigned as required.
· This is a new position being created to provide business guidance to STRIDE.
Location: 43 Grenfell Cresc, #7
Nepean, ON
Deadline: Nov 15, 2019
The Depot Office Manager is one of the key members of the STRIDE management team that reports to the President. The Depot Office Manager interacts with all team members including the Workshop Manager, the Office Assistant, the delivery personnel, and the workshop personnel as well as with clients, health care professionals, resource personnel and others who from time to time may be involved with the acquisition and disposition of equipment. The Depot Office Manager overseas all activities in the depot office including managing office volunteers, customer service, accounting, delivery schedule. The Depot Office Manager is also responsible for accepting equipment donations with the assistance of the Workshop Manager.

Office Manager Responsibilities

· Oversees the office volunteers.
· Delegates tasks to volunteers as required.
· Oversees the training and orientation of office volunteers and works side-by-side with the Team in administration and customer service.

Accounts Payable
· Is responsible for the maintenance of the accounts payable sub-ledger using Quickbooks.
· Is responsible for receiving, verifying, recording and paying all Depot invoices.
· In cooperation with Workshop Manager, purchases supplies including cleaning solutions, garbage bags, etc. and tools requested by shop technicians.
· File invoices once paid.
· Maintain petty cash.

Accounts Receivable
· Prepares invoices for sales of equipment. Explains payment options to clients.
· Receives and records all funds received.
· Prepares bank deposits.
· Issues refunds are required.
· Manages Canada Helps site and records any funds received from site.
· Records donations received and forwards required information to Treasurer for preparation tax receipt.
· Contacts clients with overdue accounts.
· Maintains accounts receivable sub-ledger in Quickbooks.
· Files all paper documentation.

· Works closely with Workshop Manager and volunteers to ensure that inventory is tracked properly.
· Works with Workshop Manager in determining the fair market value of equipment for the purpose of providing a tax receipt(s) to the donor(s) of equipment. Prepares temporary receipt and forwards to Treasurer to issue tax receipt.
· Works with the Workshop Manager and volunteers in maintaining STRIDE pricing data.
· Contacts various organizations when STRIDE has equipment to donate.
· Maintains record of equipment donated to other organizations.

Customer Service
· Checks voice messages and emails, responds and logs them in the communications log.
· Schedules appointments for picking up or dropping off of equipment and viewing available equipment.
· Greets clients and either serves them or refers them to appropriate volunteer.
· Works with workshop personnel to provide quotes for the sale of equipment.
· Refers donors to various organizations when STRIDE unable to accept equipment.
· Monitors emails and voice messages when Depot closed, in case of emergencies. Consults with appropriate volunteer to resolve the issue. Monitors situation until resolved.
· Receives equipment requests from clients or health care professionals. Provides appropriate forms. When form completed, forwards to Workshop Manager to advise availability.
· Provides quotes for equipment or repairs, receives purchase order, creates hold on equipment, and forwards order to Workshop Manager. Print hard copy for client's file.
· Communicates with potential donors.

Pick up and Deliveries
· Working with delivery volunteers, prepares service call, pickup and delivery schedule.
· Provides all information to delivery volunteers regarding deliveries, pick up, drop off, money to be collected, time constraints, etc.
· Confirms pick up or delivery with clients and donors.

· Consults with other STRIDE volunteers on how to improve working conditions, efficiencies and sales.
· Works with Treasurer to prepare monthly financial reports.
· Provides monthly Depot reports to the Board of Directors.
· Updates STRIDE website and answering machine.
· Creates and updates forms in consultation with Workshop Manager.
· Contacts all volunteers when Depot is unexpectedly closed (weather, etc).
· Other tasks and responsibilities as designated by the President.
· Promotes STRIDE whenever appropriate.
Skills Required
· Has a good working knowledge of the equipment in stock and will research various sources including the internet, vendors and/or manufacturers when more information is needed.
· Trained in health and safety management.
· Able to communicate with clients, health care professionals, resource personnel, volunteers and others as required in a calm, friendly and respectful manner.

Working Conditions
· Works two or three days per week, but can be somewhat flexible.

Location: Bay #6 – 43 Grenfell Cres.
Deadline: Oct 31, 2019