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Tamir Foundation

Estelle Allen
Tamir Foundation

218-11 Nadolny Sachs Private
Ottawa, ON
Canada K2A 1R9

TEL: 613 725 3519

E-mail: estelleallen@tamir.ca

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Disadvantaged; Men; People with disabilities or medical conditions; Seniors; Women; Youth (19-24 years)

"Tamir is a proud and caring team of participants, families, volunteers and professionals dedicated to assisting people with developmental disabilities realize their potential in a supportive Jewish environment through opportunities for personal growth and community involvement."

We believe it is essential that our work reflect our commitment to:

-Creating a Jewish environment within Tamir which supports Jewish learning, individual spirituality and the values of Jewish life;

-Respecting, celebrating, promoting and responding to the uniqueness, potential and ability of each individual participating in Tamir's many programs

-Involving families as partners in the planning, delivery and evaluation of services to our participants;

-Helping individuals, families and volunteers to achieve their goals;

-Being accountable to the individuals and community we serve;

-Advocating with and on behalf of the community of individuals and families whom we serve and with whom we have common interests;

-Supporting a healthy work environment and life-long learning for our staff and volunteers.


Volunteer Opportunities

Organization: Tamir Foundation
We have a few men and women for whom it is really difficult to get their hair cut out in the community. We would like to find barbers and/or hairdressers that could come to their homes in Carlingwood neighborhood and provide this service. Tamir staff would be on hand to assist as needed.
Location: 11 Nadolny Sachs Private, Suite 218
Deadline: Feb 26, 2020
Organization: Tamir Foundation
Small group of adults with developmental disabilities needs an enthusiastic recreation leader on Tuesday afternoons 13:00-14:30 to conduct some fun, physical activities like floor hockey, parachute games, ball games in gym at our location. Program staff are there to help out participants to follow directions of leader. Experience in leading group games preferred. Prior engagement with persons with developmental disabilities a plus.
Location: 235D Donald St., Ottawa
Deadline: Feb 26, 2020