COVID-19 Update

VO is recruiting and deploying volunteers to respond to the volunteer needs specific to COVID-19 in Ottawa, Prescott-Russell, Lanark County and Renfrew County while ensuring proper screening and training protocals to safeguard the health of those volunteering and those they are assisting. Please see the intake portals for volunteers, for members, and for other agencies on our hompage. VO’s COVID 19 volunteer deployment program is supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and the Ottawa Community Foundation.

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Mona Forrest

886 Hare Avenue

Ottawa, ON
Canada K2A 3J2

TEL: 613-263-6363


Vcard: import to my address book

Youth (16-18 years); Youth (19-24 years)

Code Youth was established in 2016 by a group of volunteers to develop training in computer coding and to explore employment solutions in basic technology coding positions for youth at risk, particularly high school drop-outs and youth involved with child-and-youth serving agencies.

Volunteer Opportunities

Organization: Code-Youth
Advise Board of Directors: Suggest, adapt and integrate technologies for teaching, learning and knowledge sharing methods for teaching basic coding to young people;
Collaborate to implement thechnologies which support learning and knowledge sharing;Guide & support various stakeholders in the planning, design, production and evaluation of strategies and training scenarios involving technologies;
Propose innovative, creative ideas, adapted to the context;
Participate in the evaluation and continuous improvement of the training programs to make sure of their quality and efficiency and to upgrade them according to the response of the young people.
Location: Remote, meetings by Zoom
Deadline: Dec 4, 2020