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The Catholic Centre for Immigrants, Ottawa

Community Connections Team
The Catholic Centre for Immigrants, Ottawa

219 Argyle Avenue Suite 500
Ottawa, ON
Canada K2P 2H4

TEL: 613-232-9634 ext : 3
FAX: 613-232-3660

E-mail: communityconnections@cciottawa.ca

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The goal of the Community Connections Program is to try and help newcomers feel that they and their families belong in Canada and that they have the knowledge and confidence to be active and involved members of the community. Community Connections' mandate is to facilitate integration.

Through activities and events, the program aims to help newcomers…..
-practice and improve language skills (ECC)
-learn about services from the City of Ottawa
-understand Canadian culture
-understand where to find information
-become part of the Canadian society
-Provide opportunities for youth (ages 14-24) to meet with young volunteers for sports, social activities, education support and job search support.

For more info visit: www.cciottawa.ca


Volunteer Opportunities

The Matching Program at the Catholic Centre for Immigrants (CCI) is looking for volunteers to work with newcomers one-on-one. Through its volunteers, the Matching Program reaches out to refugees and immigrants who are in need of support to thrive in their new life in Ottawa.
Volunteers should be established members of the community who are familiar with the Canadian system and culture and who know how to access resources in Ottawa. Experience working with people with disabilities or medical conditions is a great asset. Patience, kindness, an open mind and an interest in other cultures are also very important qualities for our volunteers. We ask our volunteers to make a minimum 4 hour weekly commitment for a period of 6 months to 8 months. If interested, please send your application to anneke@cciottawa.ca.
Location: There are volunteer opportunities in different neighbourhoods of the city. The office is located at 219 Argyle Avenue, K2P 2H4.
Deadline: Mar 31, 2018