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O/C Assoc.for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Debbie Blasutti
Coordinator of Volunteers
O/C Assoc.for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

229 Colonnade Rd. S.
Ottawa, ON
Canada K2E 7K3

TEL: 613-569-8993 ext.243
FAX: 613-569-9865

E-mail: dblasutti@ocapdd.on.ca

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People with disabilities or medical conditions

The Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities purpose is to support community integration and personal well-being for adults with developmental disabilities within the City of Ottawa.


Volunteer Opportunities

What is Leisure Buddies? Leisure Buddies is about creating friendships between people who may not otherwise have had the chance to meet. Contact between individuals in the community and persons with developmental disabilities seldom occurs spontaneously. The Leisure Buddy program facilitates friendships by pairing individuals in one-to-one relationships. A Leisure Buddy friendship helps to break down barriers to inclusion and provides opportunities for shared experience, laughter and support. What is an intellectual disability? A developmental disability, also referred to as an intellectual disability, is a term used to describe any condition that includes a lifelong impairment to a person's ability to learn or to adapt to their environment. People with a developmental disability do not necessarily have a recognizable condition. Some examples of diagnosed conditions are autism, Down Syndrome and Williams Syndrome. The degree of disability varies greatly from person to person. Developmental disabilities may or may not be accompanied by physical disabilities. Most individuals live in a group home or on their own with support and may have limited contact with the larger community. The Leisure Buddy program provides a safe and caring way for our individuals to become more independent, and to enjoy the benefits of a special friendship which extends beyond their family members and paid care providers. What type of commitment do I need to make to be a Leisure Buddy Companion? The most important part of the Leisure Buddy program is friendship. Buddies make contact with each other once a week by telephone. It is expected that one-to-one outings will happen twice per month.
Location: This varies depending on who your are matched with.
Deadline: Mar 31, 2020