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Student Links (Community Living Ontario)

Siobhan Costelloe
Coordinator, Student Links- Ottawa Region
Student Links (Community Living Ontario)

Ottawa, ON

Téléphone: 613-277-0371


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Défavorisés; Personnes avec handicaps ou conditions médicales; Jeunes (16-18 ans); Jeunes (11-15 ans); Jeunes (19-24 ans)

Student Links is a mentoring program for students who have an intellectual disability to explore ideas for their future after high school. Student Links matches students to mentors who share a common passion or interest.

Some of the mentors that have been matched with students in the past have been experts in botany, broadcasting, comics, film, geography, bikes, music production, aviation, fashion design, fitness and many more.

Students between the ages of 14 to 21 can learn more about their area of interest or be introduced to members of their community who have similar interests.

Student Links Coordinators introduce students to a member of their community who shares similar interests.

Omar's story:

Les possibilités de bénévolat

Are you passionate about your hobby or industry? Do you have specific skills/talents or experiences in a particular field? Would you like to share those experiences and skills with youth to help them develop their passion? If yes, this is for you.

Student Links is an initiative that offers High School students who have an intellectual disability an opportunity to expand on current interests and hobbies, while discovering new possibilities for life after High School.

Your Role as a Mentor:
- Presenting information about your field of expertise
- Introducing a student to your hobby or industry
- Providing an opportunity for hands-on experience

This is an opportunity for you to help a student by sharing something you're passionate about.

Time commitments are flexible.
Endroit : Ottawa Region- various locations
Date limite pour postuler: 6 nov 2019