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Liz Tyrwhitt
Volunteer Coordinator

30 Cleary Avenue
Ottawa, ON
Canada K2A 4A1


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Our mission at Ancoura is to provide a nurturing and fulfilling environment for persons living with mental illness, through stable, affordable housing and a supportive community.

We believe in the possibility of a compassionate society, free from stigma and discrimination, where people living with mental illness are full, contributing members.

Les possibilités de bénévolat

Organisme : Ancoura
Ancoura is looking for two people who could help with handyperson tasks, such as cleaning, painting, hanging curtains or pictures or yard work, in our residences. The volunteer would work from time to time on an as-needs basis or occasional basis.
Endroit : Our office is located at 30 Cleary Avenue in the west end of Ottawa. The volunteering would take place in one of our six residences, five located in the west end and one in the east end.
Date limite pour postuler: juil 30, 2018
Organisme : Ancoura
The Visiting Volunteer provides companionship to Ancoura's residents in their townhomes. The volunteer will help to reduce the loneliness and isolation of the residents. The duties of the position include visiting the townhome where the residents reside, engaging in friendly conversation, daily tasks and leisure activities such as sharing a meal, watching a hockey game together or going on outings in the community. The visiting volunteer attends monthly volunteer meetings with the other volunteers in the house and with the Ancoura Coordinator to share information about the residents' progress and to plan activities.
Endroit : Our office is at 30 Cleary Avenue, Ottawa ON K2A 4A1 and five of our townhomes are located in the west end of Ottawa and one is in the east.
Date limite pour postuler: juil 30, 2018
Organisme : Ancoura
As a Board Director, the Treasurer oversees the development and sound management of Ancoura's finances. The work involved would take 10 -14 hours per month with more hours around AGM and tax receipt time and fewer hours in the summer.

Key activities include: overseas all financial transactions (revenue & expenses) which are recorded by the bookkeeper; prepares monthly financial reports for the Board, with input from the bookkeeper; contacts the bookkeeper on a regular basis and oversees production of tax receipts, financial statements, T4s, government filings, and any other financial documents; chairs the Finance committee and meets/communicates with them regularly; prepares the annual budget, with input from the Board, bookkeeper and Finance committee; prepares all documents needed for the annual review and meets the accountant; reviews year-end financial statements with the accountant, Board and Finance Committee prior to the AGM; presents financial statements at the AGM for final approval; and sits on the Executive Committee.
Endroit : 30 Cleary Avenue
Ottawa ON K2A 4A1
Date limite pour postuler: juin 30, 2018