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Minto Skating Club

Natalia Tsirkin
member of Board of Director
Minto Skating Club

2571 Lancaster Rd.

Ottawa, ON
Canada K1B 4L5

Téléphone: (613) 733-5292


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Hommes; Jeunes (16-18 ans); Jeunes (11-15 ans); Enfants (0-10 ans); Aînés; Femmes; Jeunes (19-24 ans); Les athlètes

The Minto Skating Club is one of the oldest skating clubs in Canada. It was founded in 1904 by the Governor General, the Earl of Minto, and the Countess of Minto. The Earl’s coronet appears in the Club crest.
Over the years, the Minto Skating Club has played a large part in the development of Canadian figure skating. The Club recognized early the need to train up-and-coming skaters and to encourage juniors. For more than 100 years, Minto has been home to generations of top competitors, including Melville Rogers, Barbara Ann Scott, Don Jackson, Lynn Nightingale, Kim Alletson, Gordon Forbes, Paul and Isabel Duchesnay, and Michel Brunet and Chantal Lefebvre.
Today the Club runs a full program of skating instruction, ranging from the CanSkate learn-to-skate program to coaching of members of the Canadian National Team & International Competitors in figure skating.

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