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Board Governance Training

The Canadian charity sector loses at least $12 MILLION a year to fraud. Are you sure you’re not exposing yourself to risk? (Article)
Consider this: * 5-7% of gross annual revenue in all non-profits gets lost to fraud [1] * If an organization cannot pay its debt, the members of the Board of Directors can be held personally responsible... (posted May 17, 2017)

Are you Ready to Join a Board of Directors? (Article)
You have great skills and some spare time to carve out. You feel passionate about an organization's cause and want to give of your time and skills to help the organization achieve its mandate. Does that... (posted May 10, 2017)

Defining the Role of the Management Board: a Case Study (Article)
Today's post is guest-written by Norman Moyer, chair of the Management Board of Centre 454, an Ottawa-based community ministry. We are very grateful for his contribution. Centre 454 is one of five community... (posted May 8, 2017)

Board members: Learn from other leaders' experience (Article)
Thomas Edison once famously observed, when asked about his repeated failures to create a working light bulb, “I haven’t failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work.” Mistakes are our best... (posted April 4, 2017)

How to prepare for an interview to join a board of directors (Article)
Ottawa alone has about 2,000 non-profit organizations, all of which need hard-working, dedicated people to serve on their boards of directors. Joining a board is a great way to develop your leadership... (posted March 3, 2017)

What Kind of Board are you on? (Article)
So, you’ve joined a Board of Directors. Congratulations! Thank you for stepping up. How can you make your best contribution? A good starting point is to clarify the type of board you are sitting on.... (posted February 3, 2017)

How to be the most effective board member you can be (Article)
There are so many good reasons to join a non-profit board. You’ll meet great people and expand your sphere of influence; increase your financial literacy; learn how to run an effective meeting.; improve... (posted August 24, 2016)