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How to Engage your Board in Fundraising (Article)
Today’s post is cross-posted from Mena Gainpaulsingh, CEO of Purposeful Fundraising, a fundraising consultancy which works with organizations to increase their fundraising capacity, connect deeply with... (posted March 9, 2017)

Case for Support: Inspire your Donors, inspire your staff (Article)
Your case for support (also called your “case statement”) is one of the most important documents you can write for your non-profit. It is the key document which will form the basis of all your fundraising... (posted January 27, 2017)

The Five Stages of Sponsorship (Article)
-- Five Stages of Sponsorship -- Here is how to sell sponsorship, the inefficient way: * Set a budget goal * create a package with three levels – Gold, Silver, Bronze * divide your budget goals... (posted September 9, 2016)