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Trends in Charitable Giving in Canada (Article)
Canada’s social sector is huge and diverse, with over 170,000 organizations nationwide contributing an average of 8.1% of Canada’s total GDP. [1] To put that into context, our sector contributes more... (posted December 3, 2018)

Starting a new Social Enterprise? Learn from other people’s mistakes. (Article)
A social enterprise is a business which serves a social mission. Starting a new business is really hard; only half of new Canadian businesses survive their first 5 years. [1] The good news is, failure... (posted July 19, 2018)

Shifting your Charity to a Social Enterprise: The Earned Income Framework (Article)
Donor dollars are drying up and government grants are harder to get, but your charity still serves a need which is not being served any other way. How do you keep going? Shift part of your income stream... (posted February 14, 2018)

Sponsorship vs Fundraising – what’s the difference? (Article)
How’s your 2018 budget looking? Could you use some more funds? Do you have a plan? Non-profits and charities are increasingly having to diversify our funding streams as donor fatigue sets in, donor... (posted September 6, 2017)

Fostering a Culture of Philanthropy in your Organization (Article)
“At the heart of every organization is its people. They create the culture and determine the direction that the organization takes, so if the people are not bought in to the fundraising process, then... (posted August 15, 2017)

Build a Board that likes to fundraise (Article)
When board members are engaged in fundraising, organizations raise more money. [1] However, it can be really hard to engage your board in fundraising activities. There are a number of potential barriers... (posted July 11, 2017)

Help your donors help you better (Article)
Most organizations seek to cultivate regular donors, that is, people who donate a constant amount at regular intervals, like $50 per month. But what if I told you that the same $50 a month could provide... (posted May 25, 2017)

What goes into a fundraising strategy? (Article)
Is fundraising at for your organization one of the main issues keeping you up at night? Perhaps you are concerned that income at your non-profit is stagnating, or worse, declining. The key to successful... (posted May 25, 2017)

How to Engage your Board in Fundraising (Article)
Today’s post is cross-posted from Mena Gainpaulsingh, CEO of Purposeful Fundraising, a fundraising consultancy which works with organizations to increase their fundraising capacity, connect deeply with... (posted March 9, 2017)

Case for Support: Inspire your Donors, inspire your staff (Article)
Your case for support (also called your “case statement”) is one of the most important documents you can write for your non-profit. It is the key document which will form the basis of all your fundraising... (posted January 27, 2017)

The Five Stages of Sponsorship (Article)
Here is how to sell sponsorship, the inefficient way: * Set a budget goal * create a package with three levels – Gold, Silver, Bronze * divide your budget goals across the three levels * E-blast... (posted September 9, 2016)