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Board Member

Organization: Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Commitment: Ongoing (more than a year)

Availability: Flexible

Language Preference: English

Number of Positions Available: 3

Location: Flexible

Deadline: May 1, 2019


The Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary (RVWS) is governed by a Board of Directors, which is currently looking for enthusiastic and experienced professionals to join as Directors and/or Officers. As a member of the Board, a Director acts in a position of trust and is responsible for contributing to the effective governance and administration of the organization.

RVWS has a working board. Time commitment is a minimum of 5 hours per month, depending on circumstances, leadership roles, and/or special events. Board member terms are for 3 years, and can be renewed for a maximum of three 3-year terms.

Some of the key expectations of Board members are:

- commitment to and advancement of the organization’s mission and strategic plan
- regular participation in board meetings, teleconferences and electronic conversations
- willingness to serve in officer positions and/or on committees
- commitment to participate actively in a leadership role in board and committee work
- participation in fundraising and special events

RVWS is currently looking for candidates with the following skills and backgrounds:

- fundraising
- marketing, communications or PR
- law
- accounting or finance
- human resources
- governance
- education
- veterinary-related sciences

Candidates with other applicable experience or strengths are also encouraged to apply.

Ideal candidates will have previous board experience in the not-for-profit sector, experience in sectors related to RVWS’ mission, and demonstrated commitment to leadership.

To apply, please see more details and an application form at https://www.rideauwildlife.org/about-us/board-member-applications/


Linda Laurus



Volunteer Opportunity Address
North Gower


Good for people interested in: Governance (Boards, Committees)

You will be working with: Animals

Organization category: Environment

Volunteer Considerations

Time it will take to contact applicants - 2-3 weeks

This position would be great for - New Canadians; Seniors; Persons with a disability

This position can accommodate persons with a disability: Yes