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Youth Mentor- Music! DJing, Prouction, Recording, Writing, Singing


Organization: Student Links (Community Living Ontario)

Commitment: Short term (less than 6 months)

Availability: Weekends; Flexible; Evenings; Days

Language Preference: Bilingual

Number of Positions Available: 2

Location: Flexible

Deadline: Feb 20, 2020


Do you work in the music industry or simply enjoy mixing music and creating beats as a hobby? Do you produce or record music - Are you someone who experiments with SoundCloud, Garage Band, or professional recording tools and technology? Do you write music, sing in a band, or play instruments? Just for fun to jam out with friends or for gigs of your own?

Looking for someone who is passionate about any areas of music!
If you are willing to impart your experience and knowledge and enjoy working with youth, this is the initiative for you!

Hoping to connect a prospective mentor with a youth who has some experience recording, playing instruments, and who is interested in building on knowledge/skills and to possibly learn more about roles in this field.

Would you like to create a musical project and teach the next generation of artists how to get involved in the scene and develop their musical abiltiies. Create a song, produce or record a track, learn an instrument, work on album artwork, gain a roady or gig assistant!

Student Links is an initiative that offers High School students who have an intellectual disability an opportunity to expand on current interests and hobbies, while discovering new possibilities for life after High School.

Your Role as a Mentor:
- Presenting information about your field of expertise
- Introducing a student to your hobby or industry
- Providing an opportunity for hands-on experience

This is an opportunity for you to help a student by sharing something you're passionate about.

Time commitments are flexible.


Dana LaBrash



Volunteer Opportunity Address
Ottawa Region


Good for people interested in: Entertainment; Arts, Crafts and Photography; Mentoring

You will be working with: People with disabilities or medical conditions; Youth (16-18 years); Youth (11-15 years); Youth (19-24 years)

How will this volunteer opportunity benefit you?
Becoming a mentor allows you to:
• Share something you are passionate about
• Empower students to make decisions about
what’s possible for their future
• Challenge yourself and grow in unexpected ways
• Teach a student something new
• Be a role model
• Contribute to a more inclusive community

How will the organization benefit?
How will the organization benefit?
You will be contributing to a more inclusive community while also contributing to Community Living Ontario's role in supporting people who have an intellectual disability to experience a good life.

Organization category: Social services

Volunteer Considerations

Time it will take to contact applicants - 1-6 days

This position would be great for - New Canadians; Seniors; Youth 16-24; None of the above; Groups

Vulnerable sector check required: Yes