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Still Need 300 Volunteers!


Organization: ABLE2: Support for People with Disabilities

Commitment: Ongoing (more than a year)

Availability: Weekends; Flexible; Evenings; Days

Language Preference: Bilingual

Number of Positions Available: 250

Location: Flexible

Deadline: Nov 5, 2021


We have over 300 people with disabilities in Ottawa who are feeling isolated and alone, wishing they had a volunteer friend and advocate through our organization. Most of them will have to wait two and a half years to be matched. Will you help one person to get off of our waiting list?

Being a volunteer Ally is convenient, flexible, and rewarding. We match people one-on-one, who live in locations convenient to each other, and with similar interests and shared activities. You spend time with your match, with the possibility of also including your family and friends. You get together three or four times a month at your convenience, and do what friends do: go for coffee, take a walk, or get out to an event. This can have a huge impact in the life of someone with a disability who is feeling isolated and alone.

As a volunteer you need to be over the age of 18 and make a minimum commitment of 12 months to this role [Note: your status in Canada may affect your ability to make this commitment e.g. visitor visa, student visa, refugee claimant]. Preparation and ongoing support are provided.

As a friend to someone with a disability you can have a profound effect on their life by reducing loneliness and isolation; helping to achieve hopes and dreams; developing personal networks and relationships; decreasing vulnerability; and increasing self-confidence, mental and physical health.

Join our team of more than 250 volunteer advocates who are enriching the lives of someone in their community. People need people!

INTERESTED? CONTACT US DIRECT AT https://www.able2.org/volunteer/, volunteer@able2.org or 613-761-9522

À Ottawa, plus de 300 personnes isolées à cause de leurs handicaps souhaiteraient être jumelées à travers notre organisation avec un ami et défenseur bénévole. La plupart attendront 2 ans et demi avant d’être jumelées. Aimeriez-vous aider une de ces personnes à être rayée de nos listes d’attente?

Si vous aimez passer du temps avec les gens et vous êtes disponible pendant une ou deux heures par semaine, nous vous invitons à communiquer avec nous. Un bénévole doit avoir 18 ans ou plus et être prêt à s’engager pour un jumelage de 12 mois [N.B : Votre statut au Canada peut affecter votre capacité à réaliser cet engagement, par exemple visa de visiteur, visa d'étudiant, demandeur de statut de réfugié]. L’encadrement et le soutien continu sont fournis aux bénévoles.

Vous pouvez avoir un profond impact dans la vie d’une personne ayant un handicap de plusieurs façons: en diminuant sa solitude, en l’aidant à réaliser ses rêves, en développant son réseau personnel, en diminuant sa vulnérabilité, en augmentant son estime de soi et en contribuant à améliorer sa santé physique et mentale.

COMMUNIQUEZ AVEC NOUS: https://www.able2.org/volunteer/ , volunteer@able2.org OU 613-761-9522


Michael Song

(613) 761-9522

Ext: 231


Volunteer Opportunity Address


Good for people interested in: Disability Support; Companionship/Visiting

You will be working with: People with disabilities or medical conditions

How will this volunteer opportunity benefit you?
Your volunteerism makes a meaningful and vital contribution to the life of someone lonely, isolated, and vulnerable. Our volunteers are our greatest champions.

How will the organization benefit?
You will help us reach people who are isolated, help us build community, raise awareness, and reduce stigma.

Organization category: Social services

Volunteer Considerations

Time it will take to contact applicants - 1 week

This position would be great for - None of the above

Vulnerable sector check required: Yes