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Mission Thrift Store Treasurer


Organization: Mission Thrift Store Orleans

Commitment: Ongoing (more than a year)

Availability: Flexible

Language Preference: English

Number of Positions Available: 1

Location: Ottawa - East

Deadline: Oct 31, 2021


BFM Foundation (Canada) is a national Christian organization with over 50 thrift stores across Canada. The net revenue from all Mission Thrift Stores is devoted to Joint Ministry of BFM Foundation (Canada) and Bible League Canada. These funds are used to establish adult literacy programs, church planter training, children’s ministry programs, and distributes Bibles in 43 countries around the world. The stores operate primarily by dedicated volunteers.
Mission Thrift Store Orleans is currently seeking Volunteer Board Members who understand and support the vision and purpose of BFM Foundation (Canada).

The Treasurer has an extremely important role to play in overseeing, managing or being responsible for the financial resources of the Mission Thrift Store. The Treasurer ensures that the records are kept properly, whether he/she does so, or if the responsibility is delegated. The Treasurer ensures that reports are made available to the board for the regular board meetings and that data and statistics are made available on a regular basis to the board, staff and volunteers. The Treasurer ensures that the Annual Financial Statements are prepared based upon a Review Engagement by a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) for the Annual General Meeting.

In all of these areas, the Treasurer is responsible for ensuring that effective financial systems and procedures are established, consistently followed and in line with best practices and legal requirements.

⦁ Prepare daily or weekly reports on sales and related statistics
⦁ Prepare monthly financial and statistical reports
⦁ Prepare all reports in a timely manner
⦁ Ensure that Annual Statements are prepared in a timely manner
⦁ Explain the Annual Financial Statements to the Mission Thrift Store Members at the Annual General Meeting, plus additional statistics
⦁ Submit Annual Financial Statements to BFM Foundation (Canada)
⦁ Ensure all funds are counted and banked with proper cash controls in place
⦁ Ensure all accounts payable, including government accounts, are paid in a timely manner

General Financial Oversight:
⦁ Oversee and present budgets, accounts, and financial statements to the Board
⦁ Liaise with designated staff regarding financial matters
⦁ Ensure that appropriate financial systems and controls are in place
⦁ Ensure compliance with relevant legislation
⦁ Ensure that record-keeping and accounts meet the conditions of statutory bodies

Funding, Fundraising and Sales:
⦁ Advise on the fundraising strategy of the Mission Thrift Store
⦁ Ensure use of funds complies with conditions set by BFM Foundation (Canada)
⦁ Ensure fundraising and sales complies with relevant legislation and is bound by effective financial systems and controls
⦁ Ensure effective monitoring and reporting

Financial Planning and Budgeting
⦁ Prepare and present budgets
⦁ Advise on financial implications of strategic and operational plans
⦁ Present revised financial forecasts based on actual spending

The Treasurer must have proficient knowledge in the following areas:

⦁ Bookkeeping and accounting procedures
⦁ Volunteer and community sectors

The Treasurer must demonstrate the following skills:

⦁ Prepare and understand budgets and financial reports
⦁ Bookkeeping and accounting
⦁ Sound understanding of risk management
⦁ Critical and logical thinking, analysis, and/or reasoning to identify underlying processes
⦁ Computer literacy, including the ability to correspond by email, operate Excel and Word

Personal Attributes
The Treasurer must maintain strict confidentiality in performing the duties of the Treasurer. The Treasurer must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:

⦁ Be honest, trustworthy and respectful
⦁ Demonstrate sound work ethics and personal integrity
⦁ High level of integrity, confidentiality and accountability





Volunteer Opportunity Address
1777 Tenth Line RD
Orleans, Ottawa


Good for people interested in: Accounting and finance

You will be working with: Aboriginals (First Nation, Metis, Inuit); Men; Seniors; Women

Organization category: Business and professional associations, unions

Volunteer Considerations

Time it will take to contact applicants - 1 week

This position would be great for - Seniors (65+)