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Directors to sit on the Board of Directors of Upstream Ottawa


Organization: Upstream Ottawa

Commitment: Ongoing (more than a year)

Availability: Evenings

Language Preference: English

Number of Positions Available: 3

Location: Flexible

Deadline: Jan 10, 2022


Meeting the mental health needs of everyone is a huge undertaking, one that requires varying approaches, resources and much compassion and patience. The common theme in serving people in the community comes down to four fundamental elements. Having a safe place to live, being comfortable in your home, having access to support and having adequate time to recover.

Vision of Upstream Ottawa Mental Health Community Support, is to help people with mental illness lead meaningful self-guided lives, and it’s been doing so ever since its incorporation in 1985.
Upstream Ottawa has always been a grass roots organization that has relied upon strong community support for volunteers and donations, in order to adequately meet the needs of its clients. It is this close connection with the community that has enabled Upstream Ottawa to provide mental health support to thousands of people over the past three and a half decades.
Upstream Ottawa’s ability to merge funded Intensive Case Management Supports with private donations is unique to the Mental Health sector in that it affords them the flexibility to design specialized wrap around services for its consumers. This unique merger of private and public funding streams allows Upstream Ottawa to share the benefits with the community in the form of a stellar Social Return on Investment of 128%. For every dollar received in Provincial funding, Upstream Ottawa returns on average $1.28 to the community every year!

“From our Psychiatric Assessment Clinic and social/recreational groups, to our housing portfolio and back to school/work initiative, our ability to provide highly individualized recovery-oriented ‘Value Added Services’* are dependent upon the generosity of the community.”
– Bo Turpin, Executive Director of Upstream Ottawa


Bo Turpin



Volunteer Opportunity Address
Craig Henry Ste. 204


Good for people interested in: Governance (Boards, Committees)

You will be working with: Aboriginals (First Nation, Metis, Inuit); Visible Minorities or New Canadians; Disadvantaged; LGBTTQ; Men; People with disabilities or medical conditions; Youth (16-18 years); Seniors; Women; Youth (19-24 years); Homeless

How will this volunteer opportunity benefit you?
Volunteers will benefit by using their professional skills to help direct a front line service, thus having a direct impact on the lives of those it serves.

We are looking for people with the following career and/or education backgrounds at a *professional level to sit on our Board of Directors and help shape and guide the strategic course of the organization.
The Board meets 9 times a year (no meetings in July, August or December) at 5:30 on the last Wednesday of the month. Board members are expected to contribute to the work of various committees and working groups where possible.

A *professional level means:
• Advanced (applied theory); You can perform the actions associated with this skill without assistance. You are certainly recognized within your immediate organization as "a person to ask" when difficult questions arise regarding this skill.
• Expert (recognized authority); You are known as an expert in this area. You can provide guidance, troubleshoot and answer questions related to this area of expertise and the field where the skill is used. You can perform the actions associated with this skill without assistance. You are certainly recognized within your immediate organization as "a person to ask" when difficult questions arise regarding this skill.

*Please note that this is a mid-term call out. Full term appointments are made at the June AGM. A full term is 2 years and Directors may serve up to 3 full terms. Meetings are held virtually but in-person meetings will begin at a future date and location convenient to the members.

How will the organization benefit?
The future of Upstream Ottawa Mental Health Community Support hinges on the generosity of those in the community who are willing to participate in its governance and thus ensure the continuance of accessible mental health supports in the community.
Upstream Ottawa is committed to the principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and warmly welcomes applicants from all diverse communities. All applicants are encouraged to self identify should they feel comfortable and safe in doing so.

Organization category: Social services

Volunteer Considerations

Time it will take to contact applicants - 1 week

This position would be great for - None of the above