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Types of Volunteering
 COVID-19 Virtual Volunteering  
 COVID-19 Light Touch Volunteering  
 COVID-19 High Touch Volunteering  
 Accounting and finance  
 Arts, Crafts and Photography  
 Communications and Marketing  
 Disability Support  
 Emergency Services  
 Event planning and participation  
 Food preparation and services  
 Governance (Boards, Committees)  
 Health Care  
 Human rights  
 Heritage and Museums  
 Information Technology  
 Mediation and Facilitation  
 Outdoor activities (landscaping/gardening)  
 Public speaking (Speaking about value of volunteering)  
 Skilled Trades  
 Special events and festivals  
 Translation and Interpretation  
 Transportation of people  
 Transportation of goods  
 Social Media  

 Children (0-10 years)  
 Youth (11-15 years)  
 Youth (16-18 years)  
 Youth (19-24 years)  
 Aboriginals (First Nation, Metis, Inuit)  
 People with disabilities or medical conditions  
 Visible Minorities or New Canadians  

This position would be great for
 Children (under 10)  
 Youth (11-13)  
 High School Students or Adolescents (14-18)  
 Young Adults (19-24)  
 Seniors (65+)  
 New Canadians  
 Persons with a disability  
 Court ordered community service  
 None of the above