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Research / Write organization history

Organisme: Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Ottawa Valley chapter

Engagement: Long terme entre 6 mois et un an

Disponibilité: Flexible

Langue préférée: Anglais

Nombre de postes disponibles: 1

Endroit: Hull/Gatineau

Date limite: 16 mar 2018


The Ottawa Valley Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS-OV) will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019. Over the last 5 decades, hundreds of people have been involved and have contributed countless hours to help protect our wilderness. We would like to capture this incredible history before it is lost. The volunteer would be responsible for drafting a history of the organization from 1969 to today, while we have some information handy at the office, the volunteer would be expected to conduct research and interview past members about their experience, the issues when they were involved and what was accomplished during that time. We would like to have past presidents and other leadership people interviewed and for vignettes about their experience to be included. We would like to get started during the spring of 2018 with a view to have a draft ready for late fall or early winter. The document is to be produced in English and it will be subsequently translated and a graphic designer will format it. The volunteer could also seek photos and other material during interviews (scans of newspapers, covers of reports, etc).


John McDonnell


Adresse de l'occasion de bénévolat
15 Taschereau Street, Gatineau


Bon pour les personnes intéressées par: Rédaction; Environnement; Administration/Bureaux; Communications and Marketing

Vous allez travailler avec: Hommes; Jeunes (16-18 ans); Jeunes (11-15 ans); Animaux; Aînés; Femmes; Jeunes (19-24 ans)

Comment cette occasion de bénévolat vous bénéficier?
This is a great way to learn more about the environmental movement in the region, the ongoing battle to protect Gatineau Park and the role of civil society in shaping conservation policy. The position will also allow the volunteer to gain valuable research, writing, editing and interview experience. The final product could also be included in the volunteer's portfolio. Moreover, this opportunity is a great way to become engaged with CPAWS and learn about local conservation issues, while meeting like minded individuals.

Comment l'organisation bénéficiera?
The organization will benefit by having a concise history covering the last 50 years. As our founding members and volunteers get older, we risk losing this valuable history if not collected soon.

Catégorie de l'organisme: Environnement

Bénévoles - considérations

Le temps qu'il faudra pour communiquer avec les candidats - 1-6 jours

Cette position serait formidable pour - Des nouveaux Canadiens; Aînés; Des jeunes entre 16 et 24 ans

Transport publique disponible: oui