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Mentor for Youth/Individuals with Intellectual Disability

Organisme: Student Links (Community Living Ontario)

Engagement: Long terme (entre 6 mois et un an)

Disponibilité: Fins de semaine; Flexible; Soirées; Journées

Langue préférée: Bilingue

Nombre de postes disponibles: 5

Endroit: Flexible

Date limite: 10 sep 2019


Are you someone who wants to make a difference in the life of a young adult with an intellectual disability? Do you enjoy contributing to your community and helping others? We want to hear from you!

Student Links is seeking a volunteer to work one on one with students and young adults with intellectual disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or others, by exploring common interests, assisting in building a full life, and helping to build independence by creating meaningful roles for the student to participate in and contribute to their community.

Volunteers may help the student with travel training, exploring their community and attending events, playing sports or going to the gym together, working on a project together, introducing them to your network or meet up groups, and developing life skills to prepare them for life after school.

Options to work in either English or French.

If you have experience, or are looking to gain some, working with vulnerable populations, individuals with various abilities and challenges, or community-based services, please contact Siobhan Costelloe Student Links coordinator for more information.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing how you can be of help to a young adult in your community today!


Siobhan Costelloe


Adresse de l'occasion de bénévolat
Various - Ottawa Region


Bon pour les personnes intéressées par: Activités extérieures (aménagement paysager, jardinage); Soutien aux personnes handicapées; Enseignement/Tutorat; Mentorat

Vous allez travailler avec: Minorités visibles ou Nouveaux Canadiens; Défavorisés; Hommes; Personnes avec handicaps ou conditions médicales; Jeunes (16-18 ans); Jeunes (11-15 ans); Femmes; Jeunes (19-24 ans)

Comment cette occasion de bénévolat vous bénéficier?
- Meet new people, gain life changing experiences and connections.
- Contribute directly to the growth of a individual by assisting them in preparing for life after school.
- Discover young people who are just as passionate as yourself about a shared goal and help guide them and show opportunities for their future.
- Contribute to a more inclusive community by creating valued social roles for individuals with intellectual disabilities.
- Create a meaningful and lasting connection that can change someone's life!

Comment l'organisation bénéficiera?
Becoming a mentor will benefit Student Links by working towards and fulfilling the mandate of Community Living Ontario, creating a more inclusive, welcoming, and accepting community for individuals with intellectual disabilities, in order to help them achieve a good life.

Catégorie de l'organisme: Services sociaux

Bénévoles - considérations

Le temps qu'il faudra pour communiquer avec les candidats - 1-6 jours

Cette position serait formidable pour - Des nouveaux Canadiens; Aînés; Des jeunes entre 16 et 24 ans; Aucune des mentions ci-dessus; Des groupes

Vérification des antécédents en vue d'un travail auprès de personnes vulnérables exigée: oui