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Volunteer Business Mentor


Organisme: The Learning Partnership's Entrepreneurial Adventure

Engagement: Court terme (moins de 6 mois)

Disponibilité: Journées

Langue préférée: Anglais

Nombre de postes disponibles: 12

Endroit: Flexible

Date limite: 27 déc 2019


The Entrepreneurial Adventure empowers students from Kindergarten to grade twelve to create a business venture right in their classrooms.
Mentors are paired with a class to guide students along their entrepreneurial journey. Students develop products to sell and donate the profits to charity.
Mentors visit the classroom one hour per week from January to April. This is during the school day at a mutually convenient time between 9AM-3PM.They provide guidance and encouragement. Mentors may be in the workforce or retired.
The program culminates in a Entrepreneurial Adventure Showcase where students share their creations. To date, over $3 million has been raised and contributed to local, national and international charities.


Betty Weil


Adresse de l'occasion de bénévolat
Local schools during the school day


Bon pour les personnes intéressées par: Collecte de fonds; Communications and Marketing; Accounting and finance; Mentorat

Vous allez travailler avec: Jeunes (16-18 ans); Jeunes (11-15 ans); Enfants (0-10 ans)

Comment cette occasion de bénévolat vous bénéficier?
Mentors always say they get more out of the experience than they give. The mentor becomes the role model for the students. They look forward to the mentor's visits and the bond between mentor, teacher, and students is as meaningful as it is impactful. To witness the passion and learning that happens is uniquely rewarding. If you have any kind of business experience, this program will enable you to share it.

Comment l'organisation bénéficiera?
Students and teachers can not participate in The Entrepreneurial Adventure without a business mentor. We need volunteer business mentors to continue to provide this experience.

Catégorie de l'organisme: Éducation et recherche

Bénévoles - considérations

Le temps qu'il faudra pour communiquer avec les candidats - 1-6 jours

Cette position serait formidable pour - Aînés

Vérification des antécédents en vue d'un travail auprès de personnes vulnérables exigée: oui