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Ottawa Dressage Festival - Client Services


Organisme: National Capital Dressage - Ottawa Dressage Festival

Engagement: Court terme (moins de 6 mois)

Disponibilité: Journées

Langue préférée: Anglais

Nombre de postes disponibles: 1

Endroit: Ottawa - Ouest

Date limite: 31 déc 2019


Ottawa Dressage Festival is an international dressage competition held annually in May. The position advertised is part of the Show Office team. Web site
Client Services
Responsibilities before the show

Availability for a team orientation and training session

Some practice with FVD
Responsibilities at the show

Welcome and give directions

Answer questionsfrom riders, owners, sponsors and officials

Distribute rider packages and publicity

Take change requests from riders

Explain electronic access to riding times and scores (Foxvillage)

Provide day sheets

Maintain access control list and wrist bands

Retrieve rider invoices from FVD and collect outstanding amounts

Enter shavings purchases in FVD and provide slip for shavings delivery

Check riders out before they leave
Some knowledge of dressage competitions
People skills and patience
Some knowledge of Foxvillage(entries & reports)
Availability for all or some days of the show


George Kaine


Adresse de l'occasion de bénévolat
Wesley Clover Parks
401 Corkstown Road
Ottawa, ON K2H 8T1


Bon pour les personnes intéressées par: Event planning and participation; Special events and festivals

Vous allez travailler avec: Les athlètes

Comment cette occasion de bénévolat vous bénéficier?
Work with a great team of volunteers.
Be part of a large horse show. Opportunity to see top class dressage riders compete. ODF2020 will be a qualifier for:
2020 Olympic Games
2020 FEI North American Youth Championships
Gain experience of show organisation.

Comment l'organisation bénéficiera?
National Capital Dressage Inc. is a private, not-for-profit group which has been formed purely to promote the sport of Dressage in the National Capital Region. The show can't run without it's volunteers.

Catégorie de l'organisme: Culture et loisirs

Bénévoles - considérations

Le temps qu'il faudra pour communiquer avec les candidats - 1-6 jours

Cette position serait formidable pour - Aucune des mentions ci-dessus

Transport publique disponible: oui