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Ottawa Dressage Festival - Parking/Stabling


Organisme: National Capital Dressage - Ottawa Dressage Festival

Engagement: Court terme (moins de 6 mois)

Disponibilité: Journées

Langue préférée: Anglais

Nombre de postes disponibles: 1

Endroit: Ottawa - Ouest

Date limite: 31 déc 2019


Ottawa Dressage Festival is an international dressage competition held annually in May. Web site
Responsibilities before the show
• Get signs for parking
• Get Introduced to park officials
• Plan a parking scheme: trailers, competitors, spectators, handicap, VIP
• Plan access control to stalls
• Plan parking security
• Information booth at gate
• Allocate stabling
• Arrange for communications (walkie talkies)
Responsibilities during the show
• Allocate drug testing stalls
• Check wash stalls
• Put contact names and numbers at stalls (emergency and riders)
• Inspect stalls
• Put shavings in stalls
• Supervise installation of access control
• Manage stable monitors and decide when they are required to monitor the stables. Determine number of stable monitors required and find volunteers.
• Resolve stable complaints (with the help of the Grounds and Ring Crew Supervisor)
• Resolve parking problems
• People skills
• Planning and office product skills
• Some knowledge dressage and stable management


George Kaine


Adresse de l'occasion de bénévolat
Wesley Clover Parks
401 Corkstown Road
Ottawa, ON K2H 8T1


Bon pour les personnes intéressées par: Event planning and participation; Special events and festivals

Vous allez travailler avec: Les athlètes

Comment cette occasion de bénévolat vous bénéficier?
Work with a great team of volunteers.
Be part of a large horse show. Opportunity to see top class dressage riders compete. ODF2020 will be a qualifier for:
2020 Olympic Games
2020 FEI North American Youth Championships
Gain experience of show organisation.

Comment l'organisation bénéficiera?
National Capital Dressage Inc. is a private, not-for-profit group which has been formed purely to promote the sport of Dressage in the National Capital Region. The show can't run without it's volunteers

Catégorie de l'organisme: Culture et loisirs

Bénévoles - considérations

Le temps qu'il faudra pour communiquer avec les candidats - 1-6 jours

Cette position serait formidable pour - Aucune des mentions ci-dessus

Transport publique disponible: oui