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Caldwell Family Centre

Marilyn Matheson
Executive Director
Caldwell Family Centre

1100 Medford St.
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1Z 8L5

TEL: 613-728-1800

E-mail: director@caldwellcentre.ca

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Aboriginals (First Nation, Metis, Inuit); Visible Minorities or New Canadians; Disadvantaged; LGBTTQ; Men; People with disabilities or medical conditions; Youth (16-18 years); Youth (11-15 years); Children (0-10 years); Seniors; Women; Youth (19-24 years); Homeless

We are a community house located in one of the lowest income areas in Ottawa. OUR MISSION is to provide services to the community that feed and nurture physical and emotional wellness.

OUR VISION - a strong, healthy, safe, self-sustaining community where the residents are confident, empowered and independent; where those who have need for food, companionship, housing, education, or knowledge, are provided for in a coordinated fashion with dignity and responsiveness.


Volunteer Opportunities

The Caldwell Family Centre (CFC) is recruiting for a qualified candidate to join the Board of Directors to assume the role of Treasurer.

Mission: The mission of the Caldwell Family Centre is to provide services to the community that feed and nurture physical and emotional wellness.

The Board’s Role: The Board's role is to ensure that the Centre establishes strategic priorities and maintains the trust of the community by being clear in its mission, prudent and ethical in its activities, and accountable for its actions. Board Members are individual role models and inspire others to contribute their talent and support to the community. The Board’s focus is on governance, planning, policy-making, and strategic direction. The ideal candidate will have the time to offer meaningful contributions, and the skill-set, expertise and experience necessary to guide the organization to continued success

The Treasurer is Responsible to: Board of Directors (Chair)

Remuneration: Service on CFC’s Board of Directors is without remuneration

Term: Board members are elected by the Membership for (renewable) 3-year terms. The Treasurer is appointed as an officer of the Corporation by the Board.

General Responsibilities of Board Members
• Committed to the mission and work of the Caldwell Family Centre;
• Prepare for, attend and participate in monthly board meetings (and other meetings as required);
• Foster a positive working relationship with other Board members and CFC’s Executive Director;
• Promote the organization in the community;
• Actively participate in fundraising activities;
• Actively participate in evaluation and planning efforts;
• Participate in various activities for the organization as needed throughout the year.

Responsibilities of Treasurer
The Treasurer ensures financial accountability of the organization to enable service delivery and ensure ongoing delivery of its Mission. The Treasurer:
• is committed to the work of the Caldwell Family Centre;
• reports to the Board and general membership on finances;
• provides guidance as required to the Executive Director (ED) regarding financial activities of CFC;
• acts as a signing officer of the organization;
• oversees the ED’s budget preparation and in partnership with the ED, monitors the budget;
• assists the organization with the financial schedules and business plans accompanying project and strategic planning exercises;
• ensures current and acceptable financial policy and practices are in place in the organization;
• meets annually with the auditor to finalize the financial statements of the organization.

Treasurer’s Required Skills:
• Accounting designation;
• Demonstrated leadership stature in philanthropy, community service, business, government or the non-profit sector;
• Ability to think strategically – a Visionary;
• Planning and analyzing ability;
• Strong Communicator;
• Active Volunteer;
• Knowledge of Board Governance;
• Connected in the Community;
• Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for improving the lives of others.
Location: 20 1100 MEDFORD ST
Deadline: Sep 4, 2018
Reporting to the Manager of Food and Nutrition, the Chef is responsible for running the community cooking programs at the Caldwell Family Centre.
Responsibilities include:
• Planning the meals to be prepared at the community kitchens and lunch program
• Supervising program participants and volunteers to ensure safe practises are being followed
• Overseeing the preparation of meals
• Overseeing the clean up of the kitchen and serving areas after meals

• Safe food handling certification
• First Aid, Level C + CPR
• Training and Experience working as a chef
• Knowledge of good nutrition practises
• Experience in assisting and/or teaching small groups is desired
• Ability to cater for individual differences in both abilities and personal experiences
• Outstanding verbal and interpersonal skills, with the ability to communicate cross-culturally and relate to a broad range of people with varying English language levels
• Reliability and flexibility
• Respect for confidentiality at all times
• Experience working in a high-risk, low-income environment is an asset
• Ability to maintain a positive, optimistic and non-judgemental attitude, respecting the beliefs and culture of all participants
• A strong commitment and work philosophy
• Police Records Check for the Vulnerable Sector
Location: 20-1100 Medford St
Deadline: Aug 31, 2018