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Causeway Foundation

Juliana Rodger
Executive Officer
Causeway Foundation

22 O'Meara Street
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1Y 4N6

E-mail: info@causewayfoundation.org

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Disadvantaged; People with disabilities or medical conditions; Homeless

Causeway Foundation works to support people with mental health issues and disabilities on the path to employment and independent living. We do so primarily by raising funds for the programs and services of Causeway Work Centre.


Volunteer Opportunities

Organization: Causeway Foundation
Causeway Foundation, a registered charity, is governed by a Board of Directors and is currently looking for energetic and experienced professionals to assume positions on its Board of Directors.

Causeway’s mission is to build better communities by employing each person’s abilities. Causeway Foundation supports the avenues to employment offered by Causeway Work Centre through fundraising and maintenance of the Causeway building at 22 O’Meara Street, in Ottawa.

For more information about Causeway, please visit www.causewayfoundation.org.

Role & Responsibilities

The time commitment of board members is a minimum of 5 hours per month, with overall commitment dependent on levels of activity. The full board meets the third Monday of every other month. All board members must serve on one or more board committees.

The Board's role is to:
- Ensure that Causeway Foundation moves forward in fulfilling its mission
- Implement and monitor strategic priorities
- Work with the Executive Officer to ensure appropriate resources are in place to fulfill the organization’s mission
- Work with the Board of Causeway Work Centre on joint strategic initiatives
- Provide financial oversight and accountability
- Maintain effective governance of the organization
- Plan for succession and diversity of the Board
- Ensure legal obligations, ethical integrity and accountability of the organization are maintained

General Expectations of Board Members:
- Regularly participate in board meetings, committees and important related meetings
- Make a serious commitment to participate actively in a leadership role in board and committee work
- Stay informed about board and committee issues, prepare for meetings, and review and comment on minutes and reports
- Get to know other board members and build collegial working relationships
- Be an active participant in the board evaluation and planning efforts
- Become familiar with bylaws, specific roles, responsibilities and policies
-Trust, listen and demonstrate open-mindedness
- Feel personally responsible and accountable
- Act with care and diligence
- Focus on strategic issues
- Cultivate group responsibility and support the decisions made by the Board
- Put the Foundation’s interest above personal interest or the interest of a third party
- Avoid any conflict of interest
- Contribute financially
- Maintain confidentiality
- Participate in fundraising and/or special events

The Causeway Foundation Board Resources Committee is currently looking for candidates with the following skills and backgrounds:
- Building management/maintenance
- Corporate law
- Fundraising
- Communications, Public Relations, Marketing
- Not-for-profit governance

Along with one or more of the following:
- Previous Board experience, particularly in the not-for-profit sector
- Experience in volunteer / not-for-profit sector
- Strong demonstrated commitment to volunteerism
- Outreach and/or public speaking experience
- Ability to work as a team member
- Respect for diversity
- Willingness to take on leadership responsibilities

Candidates with other applicable experience or strengths are also encouraged to apply.

Causeway Foundation is dedicated to creating a Board of Directors that reflects the diversity of the community in which we live and serve. We encourage applications from all qualified candidates.

Commitment: On-going/ minimum 1 year, maximum 6 years

Application Deadline: Applications will be considered on a rolling basis

Application Instructions:
Please send a short cover letter clearly demonstrating how you meet the criteria outlined above, along with a resume to: Juliana Rodger, Executive Officer, jrodger@causewayfoundation.org.

Location: 22 O'Meara Street
Ottawa, ON
Deadline: Mar 15, 2019