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CODE Canada

Marc Molnar
Director, Finance and Administration
CODE Canada

321 Chapel Street
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1N 7Z2

TEL: 612-232-3569

E-mail: MMolnar@code.ngo

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Aboriginals (First Nation, Metis, Inuit); Disadvantaged; Men; Youth (16-18 years); Youth (11-15 years); Children (0-10 years); Women; Youth (19-24 years)

Our Vision
CODE envisions a world where every child is literate.
Our Mission
To enable people to learn by developing partnerships that provide resources for learning, promote awareness and understanding, and encourage self-reliance.
Our Strategic Goals
1. To enhance learning and literacy skills empowering children and youth to realize their full potential.
2. To be a learning organization working through effective partnerships.
3. To be internationally and domestically recognized.
4. To strengthen CODE’s position for long-term sustainability.
CODE’s Model of Development
Reading CODE is our model of development, the means by which we take action to extend the benefits of literacy.
Reading CODE is a comprehensive readership initiative based on the two key elements essential to successfully developing and sustaining literacy: that of the need for interesting books, relevant to the readers, and written in languages the readers understand; and
meaningful engagement with these books through high quality teaching. To make sure literacy initiatives take root and yield results over the long term, Reading CODE joins these two
elements with a third: effective partnerships that build the capacity of national organizations so that they can continue to provide engaging learning materials to readers, and offer high-quality
training for educators. Completing the model is the fourth element, a carefully designed approach to monitoring and focused assessment that helps capture results, informs practice
and guides both on-going and long term decision-making.


Volunteer Opportunities

There are currently no Volunteer Opportunities.