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Benjamin Chacon
Executive Director

100 - 44 Eccles Street
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1R6S4

TEL: 6132370502

E-mail: cisoc@cisoc.net

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Aboriginals (First Nation, Metis, Inuit); Visible Minorities or New Canadians; Disadvantaged; LGBTTQ; Men; People with disabilities or medical conditions; Youth (16-18 years); Youth (11-15 years); Children (0-10 years); Animals; Seniors; Women; Youth (19-24 years); Homeless; Athletes

The Cultural Interpretation Services for Our Communities is dedicated to:
•Providing the highest quality cultural interpretation services;
•Providing the highest quality translation services;
•Providing the highest quality language assessment services;
•Providing the highest quality training in community interpretation;
•Facilitating equitable access to health, legal, social, educational, community and other services through cultural interpretation;
•Promoting and celebrating inclusion, cultural and social diversity in our communities;
•Working cooperatively with the members of our communities.


Volunteer Opportunities

There are currently no Volunteer Opportunities.