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Early ON - Andrew Fleck Children's Services

Kathy Knight Robinson
Program Manager
Early ON - Andrew Fleck Children's Services

2330 Don Reid Drive
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1H 1E1

TEL: 613-737-6369
FAX: 613-737-9644

E-mail: oeycottawasouth@afchildcare.on.ca

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Children (0-10 years)

The Early ON Child and Family Centre is a program of Andrew Fleck Children's Services is a place where parents and caregivers can obtain answers to questions and information about programs and services for children 0 to 6. Services are available in English and in French.
Le Centre pour enfant et familles ON y va est un programme des Services à l'enfance Andrew Fleck est un endroit où les parents et les personnes responsables des enfants peuvent obtenir des réponses à leurs questions ainsi que des renseignent sur les programmes et les services destinés aux jeunes enfants âgés de 0 à 6 ans. Les services sont disponibles en anglais et en français.


Volunteer Opportunities

The Playgroup assistant is responsible for assisting in the set-up/take down of the learning centres. The playgroup assistant is also responsible for welcoming parents, caregivers and children, supervising free play, and assisting with arts and crafts activities. The individual should be comfortable working in a busy environment, enjoy working with children, parents and caregivers and be self motivated and enthusiastic.
Location: 2330 Don Reid dr. Ottawa
Deadline: May 25, 2018