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Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Ottawa Valley chapter

John McDonnell
Executive Director
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Ottawa Valley chapter

190 Bronson Avenue
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1R 6H4

TEL: 613-232-7297
FAX: 613-569-7098

E-mail: jmcdonnell@cpaws.org

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The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is Canada's voice for public wilderness protection. We're working to keep at least half of Canada's public land and water wild - forever. Campaigns of the Ottawa Valley Chapter include the Ottawa Greenbelt, Gatineau Park and the Eastern Wolf.


Volunteer Opportunities

2019 will mark CPAWS-OV’s 50th anniversary and we are looking for someone to help record our chapter’s history. With the help of CPAWS-OV staff, this person will help identify individuals who have helped build our chapter and have made significant contributions. This position will include interviewing past board members, staff and volunteers. The staff would identify potential interviewees and help guide the volunteer. The volunteer would be responsible for identifying the questions used in the interviews, conducting the interviews and filming the interviews. The volunteer would also be responsible for helping to write a history of the chapter using a combination of archival material, interviews and conducting research.

Volunteers may work in small groups to complete the extent of this research. We hope to have this research completed by winter 2019 and in time for spring/summer 2019.
Location: 15, rue Taschereau, suite 240
Deadline: Aug 31, 2018