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Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Ottawa Valley chapter

John McDonnell
Executive Director
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Ottawa Valley chapter

15 Taschereau Suite 240
Gatineau, QC
Canada J8Y 2V6

TEL: 819 778-3355

E-mail: ov-outreach@cpaws.org
Web: http://cpaws-ov-vo.org/about

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The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is Canada's voice for public wilderness protection. We're working to keep at least half of Canada's public land and water wild - forever. Campaigns of the Ottawa Valley Chapter include the Ottawa Greenbelt, Gatineau Park and the Eastern Wolf.


Volunteer Opportunities

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Ottawa Valley is looking for outreach volunteers to attend events to inform the public about who we are, what we are doing and to promote our major campaigns such as our Make it a real park campaign.

The role of volunteers would be to attend events or canvass at events across the Ottawa Valley area. Some events we will be going to is Marché Vieux Aylmer and other outdoor and indoor events. We will provide you with information about our organization, our campaigns, give you tools to draw people in like our games or crafts for kids. Generally speaking this position does not involve fundraising, although we try to encourage visitors to our information booths to consider supporting the organization by becoming a member.

Our Make it a real park campaign is to achieve legislated protection for Gatineau Park equivalent to a national park, with boundaries protected by law. Gatineau Park's 361 square kilometers are home to 118 rare or endangered species and 50 lakes. Connections of natural areas are essential to the movement of species, and therefore the health of the park. Roads and development threaten this connectivity in the absence of legislative protection.

Most of Gatineau Park belongs to the federal government and the National Capital Commission (NCC) manages the land, but it does not have the permanent legal protection provide to "real" national parks. Without legal protection portions of the park will continue to be subject to use for new roads, housing development and shopping centers.

This position would be great for people wanted to volunteer but wanted to learn more about the organization first.

A knowledge of local environmental issues and the ability to communicate orally in French would be considered assets for this position, but not absolute requirements.
Location: Office: 15, rue Taschereau, suite 240
Other locations depending on events.
Deadline: Mar 30, 2019