Mise à jour COVID-19

BO est en train de recruter et de déployer des bénévoles pour répondre aux besoins en matière de bénévolat liés spécifiquement à la COVID-19 à Ottawa, à Prescott-Russell, dans le comté de Lanark et dans le comté de Renfrew tout en assurant des protocoles de dépistage et de formation appropriés pour protéger la santé des bénévoles et de ceux qu'ils aident. Veuillez trouver les portails d'accueil des bénévoles, des membres et des autres organisations sur notre page d'accueil. Le programme de déploiement de volontaires COVID 19 de BO est soutenu par le Fonds de soutien communautaire d'urgence du gouvernement du Canada et la Fondation communautaire d'Ottawa.

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Volunteer Ottawa

Sophie Jodouin
Program and Communications Coordinator
Volunteer Ottawa

815 St. Laurent Blvd., Suite 208
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1K 3A7

Téléphone: 613-736-5270
Télécopieur: 613-736-5262

Courriel: membership@volunteerottawa.ca
web: https://www.volunteerottawa.ca/

CarteV: Importer à mon carnet d'adresse

Autochtones (Première nation, Métis, Inuit); Minorités visibles ou Nouveaux Canadiens; Défavorisés; LGBTTQ; Hommes; Personnes avec handicaps ou conditions médicales; Jeunes (16-18 ans); Jeunes (11-15 ans); Enfants (0-10 ans); Animaux; Aînés; Femmes; Jeunes (19-24 ans); Sans domicile; Les athlètes

Volunteer Ottawa links people with community organizations. Our interactive website has thousands of volunteer opportunities from organizations who need volunteer energy to deliver their critical community services. Volunteer Ottawa supports persons with disabilities, new Canadians,corporations and professionals connected to voluntary organizations in and around the city. Volunteer Ottawa works directly with organizations to support knowledge development and resource distribution on topics integral to the effective and efficient use of volunteer capacity. Volunteer Ottawa is a registered non-profit Canadian charity and relies on donations and grants to continue its 53 year history of community development.
Bénévoles Ottawa assure le lien avec les organismes communautaires. Notre site Web interactif affiche des milliers d’occasions de bénévolat de ces organismes qui ont besoin de bénévoles pour dispenser des services critiques à la communauté.


Les possibilités de bénévolat

Organisme : Volunteer Ottawa
Field Marshalls oversee onboarding and off-boarding of players and volunteers into our facility. They ensure all protocols from Public Health as well as Ontario Soccer guidelines are met. Training will be provided.
Endroit : 623 Smyth Road
Date limite pour postuler: 21 août 2020
Organisme : Volunteer Ottawa
The Streaming Technical Volunteer will wok with MAX community team to provide an understanding of technical requirements and to create Live virtual events and online activities. You will be responsible for coordinating and configuring the layout, design and features during Livestream virtual events Required: experience with streaming platforms like: Vimeo, Twitch, Soon and others
Endroit : virtual opportunity
organization address 400 Cooper St. Suite 9004
Date limite pour postuler: 14 août 2020
Organisme : Volunteer Ottawa
Cyber-Seniors is an intergenerational program that trains young people to be tech mentors for senior citizens. The ability to use online communication applications to stay connected is vital for older adults and other vulnerable people. Helping a senior learn to use transactional websites to order groceries, pharmaceuticals, food delivery, etc., will make a big difference in allowing them to remain self-sufficient from the safety of their home. In the best of times, digital literacy can be life-altering; in times like these, it can be life-saving.

Step 1: Get a FREE membership to the Cyber-Seniors Mentor Training program (6 online training videos and quizzes) at cyberseniors.org/student-membership
Step 2: Sign-up to help seniors to learn tech.

Also, please help us by letting any Seniors you know that they can:
• register online for a group session or one-on-one tech-support by visiting our website at www.cyberseniors.org; or
• access the over 1200 training tutorials (soon available in Spanish and French) and the Cyber-Seniors discussion forum by calling us at 1-844-217-3057 to register.

To register, please go directly to the Cyber Seniors website to sign-on to be a mentor: https://cyberseniors.org/student-membership/.

Endroit : virtual - national organization
Date limite pour postuler: 21 août 2020
Organisme : Volunteer Ottawa
This is a short-term position that will assist Cat-a-Match Rescue located in Prescott-Russell, 45 minutes east of Ottawa.

As a volunteer you will be helping with yard work such as:
- Cleaning up
- Grass cutting
- Weed removal
- Burning branches with permission from municipality and supervision by owner of the property which encompasses 4 buildings.

If you have experience as a handyman, as a volunteer you would replace 2 window screens as well as nail siding to the front porch.

Time Commitment: This position could take 1-3 days or until it is completed.

For more information, please contact Joanne at catamatchrescue@hotmail.com.
Endroit : 4890 St Paul, St Eugene ON, K0B1P0 (near Hawkesbury)
Date limite pour postuler: 14 août 2020