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Blog > Excel Functions to Simplify your Life

Excel Functions to Simplify your Life

posted on Apr 12, 2017

Excel is a very powerful tool which can help us do so many things with the data we’re inundated with, to make sense of it and use the data to make informed decisions. One of the ways Excel does all of this is through functions.

Excel has hundreds of functions. Probably no individual person on the planet uses all of them, but all of us will have use for some of them. Here are a few which are especially useful:


Use this to find out how many numbers you have in a list or table. You could use this, for example, to find out how many people have paid for your event. This will only count numbers.



Use this to count how many cells have ANY value in them. This will count numbers and text. For example, you could count the number of names in your list, to find out how many people have registered for your event.



Sometimes you’ll want to have the same number appear in a few places in your spreadsheet. For example, you may want your registration and payment numbers together, to monitor progress towards your fundraising goal. Use the cell reference so that the number will update every time someone new registers or pays.


Then you can calculate your progress towards your goal


Agglutenating function: =<>&<>

This is useful for putting information together into one cell. For example, if you have people’s first names in one cell and last names in another, maybe you’d like to have their full names to create a participant sign-in for your event.

Note that in the example I inserted a space by including “ “. You can insert any character(s) you like but make sure you put quotation marks around them.


These are just a few functions which can make things a whole lot simpler for you. Come to our lunch & learn seminar to learn a bunch more.

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