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Blog > No Hassle with Hootsuite: Managing Your Non-Profit Organization’s Social Media Outreach

No Hassle with Hootsuite: Managing Your Non-Profit Organization’s Social Media Outreach

posted on Feb 15, 2017

by Morgan Cogswell

If you have ever been responsible for your non-profit organization’s social media outreach, you know that it can be a hassle to manage Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at the same time. Beyond the struggle of having what seems to be an endless amount of social media accounts, each account has multiple streams for you to monitor. There are your newsfeeds, your comments, your posts, and so on.

Running from account to account and checking all of your notifications can be a strain on your multi-tasking abilities, which is why we recommend that you sign up for Hootsuite — a social media management system that allows you to access multiple social media accounts simultaneously. While using a new platform can be intimidating and there is always a learning curve, here are three reasons why we think you should use Hootsuite:

You can view all of your social media in one place

Hootsuite works with all of the most prominent social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WordPress. Not only can you access all of these accounts, but you can also view them with ease. Hootsuite is organized so that each social media account and their respective streams forms a column. These columns, placed side-by-side, allow you to monitor multiple accounts at once.

You can save time

Hootsuite has many time saving features for users, including a tool that lets you schedule your posts. That means that you can write all of your Facebook posts in the morning and do other things afterward, as Hootsuite will publish content for you throughout the day. Moreover, Hootsuite accounts can have more than one user; so, if you have little time and lot of social media feeds to monitor, your colleague can help out. However, it should be noted that the more users you add, the higher the price of your Hootsuite subscription.

You can maximize your organization’s success

Hootsuite sends a weekly analytics report to its users so that they can monitor the success of their social media outreach. Analytics show users many clicks their social media posts received, the geographic location of followers, etc. This helps you determine which platform is most popular, what strategies are working, and who you should target.

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