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Blog > How many people read to the end of your web pages?

How many people read to the end of your web pages?

affiché le 2 fév 2017

by Maria Lahiffe

How many people read to the end of your web pages?

Writing for the web is not the same as writing for the newspaper or other media. The main reason for this is people’s impatience when they are online. You need to grab readers’ attention right away and continually give them reasons to keep reading.

Here are some ways you can grab readers and keep them reading right to the end:

1.      Keep it Short

People want easy-to-read content when they are online. Use these:

  • Simple words
  • Short sentences
  • Short paragraphs

This article is 300 words long. Keep your articles short too. If you have a lot to say, break it up into multiple articles.

2.      Use bullets and sub-headers

Many of your readers want to scan an online article to get the main idea and to decide if the details are worth staying for. Make sure your sub-headers are descriptive. If you have lists (like I did in the last section), then use bullets to make sure your readers get the whole list.

3.      Get to the point quickly

If your readers want to curl up with a good piece of writing, they’ll read a novel. If they want to be entertained, they’ll watch cat videos. People read on the web because they want to know something. Maybe they want information. Maybe they want to know how to make a difference. Make it easy for people to learn what you have to tell them.

Related to that…

4.      Include a clear call to action

What do you want people to do as a result of reading your web page? Do you want them to sign up to volunteer? Spread the word about your cause? Donate? Include a clear call to action and make it easy for people to do that action.

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